Pokemon Mastery Tips

Pokemon mastery

                 Pokemon mastery can be achieved by following just a couple of simple rules.

As the game became more and more popular, the technical media started to push tips in reaching Pokemon mastery.

One of the most important things seems to be tracking down in a strategic way. Walking around will not do. The “Nearby” menu will offer information on what goes around in the vicinity, with each claw representing 100 meters. When the number of claws starts to decrease, then a person can be sure they are getting closer.

The colored circle around the Pokemon will indicate how difficult is to be found. Green means easy, red means difficult. Small means easy too.

In gym battles, it is important how to choose the fighters. The game makes suggestions, but they are not always perfect. For example, a Fire Pokemon should be challenged with a Water Pokemon. Yellow flashes around the edge of the screen could mean the opponent is preparing to hit, and you should dodge. In this case, practice is essential to growing new skills.

A general rule for storage is to transfer low combat power to the Professor, which will offer candies in exchange.

„After many hours of field test gameplay, the Venusaur hasn’t been spotted yet. Who will be the first field tester who catches or evolves their Bulbasaurs or Ivysaurs into Venusaur? ” is the challenge set off by the game’s developer team on the official Niantic blog.

Evolving a Pokemon will bring 500 XP on a regular basis, so it’s a good idea to use the Lucky Eggs. The easiest to upgrade are Wheedles and Pidgies, and it’s interesting enough to gather a lot of them and then evolve them all with a single lucky egg.

When it comes to hatching eggs, an Infinite Incubator could be helpful. One egg should always be kept in the incubator, especially the eggs that hatch in 2 km. However, the 10 km eggs should be hatched only later in the game, as an advanced level will provide the strength needed to find them

The reset game button is important. Even if the app has not recently crashed, rebooting will help make sure that the list of nearby Pokemons is correctly updated. Likewise, the AR should be switched off to make it easier to aim.

The “X” sign on the Poke Stops collects all the items – you could use the button more to save time on clicking around.

Pokemon mastery can be achieved by having a lot of field experience. It may be a good idea to switch places, and even to change towns. Users have soon found out that San Francisco Pokemons are different from the Oakland ones. Parks, lakes, and places with interesting terrain could be very generous.

Pokemon Go works well with Ingress, another game released by Niantic. Ingress could be used to find Poke Stops with spawns, and that are closer together.

Image Source: YouTube