Plume Offers Cloud WiFi for Home

Drawing with tv, tablet, pc and fax connected to Cloud WiFi

Plume promises to offer Cloud WiFi solutions for all smart devices in a home.

Plume wants to introduce a new technology that will involve small radios providing direct Cloud WiFi traffic inside the house. A person will no longer have to use routers to have wireless internet at home. The new Plume Pods system will optimize the band widths accord to their usage and it will leave no blind spots inside the house.

The advantages of the technology comprise a more reliable wireless connection and the ability to support other internet devices and to manage them in an intelligent way. Therefore, each gadget will have a dedicated band that will suit its speed need. More than this, the connection will be highly reliable.

“The pods will dynamically respond to interference — if a neighbor starts streaming 4K video, we can move you to different channel. If you’re in the living room watching 4K, we can shift some bandwidth to other parts of your home for other family members,” said Fahri Diner, CEO at Plume.

As the prediction is that more than 50 devices will be connected to the internet by 2020 in one single home, engineers started to come with new technical inventions to support this future scenario.

Traditional routers need extenders and repeaters to extend their signals. Routers from the new generation use mesh configurations to offer multiple access points for different internet devices.

The Cloud WiFi algorithms separate and direct each device to a particular band to make sure each object has access to the speed needed to function on an optimal level. Another feature is the lack of interference, and a capacity to adapt the network to the surroundings.

The company representatives said that the Plume Pods could also optimize across other networks in the vicinity, with no interference or security risks.

One disadvantage of having at least six small devices plugged in all over the house would be an increase in power consumption. However, company representatives say that the device will offer higher speed and reliability.

The Cloud WiFi will also be able to use the help of advanced mathematics to coordinate changes in the network and to set traffic patterns for optimal resource allocation.

The good news for gamers is that Plume Pods will not involve any latency penalty.

The company accepts pre-orders for the new product at the price of $39, as starting from the fall, the Plume Pods will be $10 more expensive. In order to get the system to work, the minimum order for a regular-size apartment would be of six.

Plume Pods cost more than one of the best routers on the market, but the price it’s a bit lower than the price of their rivals. Other companies that want to develop similar technologies are Google, Ubiquiti, Eero, and Luma.

Image Source: Vimeo