Play Cupid on Tinder by Sharing your Friends

Play" Cupid on Tinder by Sharing your Friends"

Tinder recently added a “Share” button.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Ever though that your super-secret superpower is to play Cupid for your friends? Well, it does sound a bit like being the third-wheel, but it’s all in fun if not in good taste. Play Cupid on Tinder by sharing your friends around, because, who said that matchmaking can’t be fun?

Recently, Tinder, the ever popular online hookup application, which is currently available on all mobile platforms, announced that it is now trying out a new function. According to Rosette Pambakian, the company’s vice-president said that Tinder wheeled in the “Share” function.

So, what’s the big deal about this “Share” button? Well, think of it this way: one day, you’re casually swiping left and right through your hookup list, when you see someone who seems to have the same tastes as your best friend. Gee, wouldn’t it be swell if I had something like a share button to tell my lonesome best friend that there’s a dude or a dudette out there who’s very much like him or her?

Well, there you have it: the voice of the people has spoken, and Tinder delivered. The new version of the application now features a “Share it!” button along with other function like GIF support and the swipe system.

This means that next time you stumble upon someone who is more suited for your friend or best friend you can briefly hit the share button to send the contact. And, according to Tinder, your mate has less than 72 hours to like, dislike or make fun of your shared connection.

Well, this all boils down to becoming the ultimate matchmaker, because hooking up your friend with your acquaintance was not enough. Now you can do the same thing on Tinder.

Of course, while most Tinder users viewed this move as something good, there are those who still believe that the application and its extension are posing a threat to real-life, real and robust relationships. Moreover, Tinder, along other dating applications, might fuel a social phenomenon also known as the “hookup culture.

So, why has Tinder adopted this change? Because the users requested it. Well, whether it’s just another publicity stunt or another way to encourage hookup culture, this remains to be seen.

Right now, thanks to the new function, you can now show your friend what he missed during the time he or she were logged out.

Grab your love bow and your cuddly arrow and play Cupid on Tinder by sharing your friend. It can be a match made in Heaven or the greatest laugh someone ever had.

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