Blizzard Will Permanently Ban All Overwatch Cheaters


Abandon hope all ye cheaters who enter here!

We find ourselves talking about Overwatch once again, as we’re sure to do at least a few more times in the near future. And why wouldn’t we? The recently ended beta was such a success that it brought in some 9.7 million players who didn’t do anything other than play the game until Blizzard kicked them out because the beta was over.

And as soon as the game comes out later this month, millions more will install it and start playing the highly anticipated competitive first person shooter. But since it is a competitive video game, Overwatch is bound to be riddled with issues ranging from minor glitches to tons of cheaters attempting to get ahead.

However, as it has been known of Blizzard for a few years now, they show no tolerance to cheaters. According to a recent post on the company’s public forum, Blizzard will permanently ban all Overwatch cheaters. This is what Stephanie Johnson, a Blizzard Community Manager, posted on the forum:

If a player is found to be cheating—or using hacks, bots, or third-party software that provides any sort of unfair advantage—that player will be permanently banned from the game. Full stop. Not only does cheating undermine the spirit of fair play that all of our products are based on, but it works to diminish the fun and enjoyment of others.

While we are unlikely to publicly acknowledge when accounts are closed as a result of cheating or using unauthorized programs, we have and will continue to monitor Overwatch for exploitative behavior, as well as take action as needed to preserve the integrity of game.

Even though some might find it harsh, this is the best strategy to prevent cheating that has been adopted by any recent game community. Of course, there will be a system to allow for appeals in case of a faulty ban, and every instance of somebody being reported for cheating will be manually checked so as to avoid any issues.

Meanwhile, other gaming companies are only making their games ripe for cheaters to exploit. Ubisoft’s The Division, for example, only bans a first offender for three days if they actually manage to catch them. Players are revolted at the situation, as cheaters can wreak havoc and exploit honest players for days, and then just log back in three days later and reap their rewards.

Few other companies are as drastic as Blizzard when it comes to cheating in a multiplayer game, and it’s very easily noticeable. The only other memorable cheating punishment came from Rockstar, as they threw Max Payne 3 cheaters into a “Cheaters Pool”, where they would only play against other cheaters.

Image source: YouTube