Paul Ryan Ignores Donald Trump

Paul Ryan Ignores Donald Trump

Paul Ryan is no longer one of Donald J. Trump’s supporters. The Republican politician was always uneasy with having to campaign for Donald J. Trump. Whenever the Republican candidate made controversial comments during the presidential campaign, Ryan found it difficult to defend his statements in the court of public opinion. Thinking of his own political career and of the GOP’s chances for Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan tried to walk a fine line between endorsing his party’s candidate and standing by his political values. However, that all ended after the tape in which Donald J. Trump makes lewd comments about women became public. That was the final straw for Paul Ryan and the House Speaker withdrew his political support.

Donald J. Trump Attacks House Speaker Paul Ryan

Donald J. Trump reacted to Paul Ryan’s decision quickly and publicly. The Republican candidate was not pleased with the lukewarm support he was receiving from Ryan anyway. After the Speaker of the House publicly said that he cannot stand by Trump regarding the comments that he made about women, Donald J. Trump turned on him. The Republican candidate took to Twitter and called Ryan “weak and inefficient”. He went on to publicly say that he doesn’t need Paul Ryan anyway.

Since then, the Trump campaign has been antagonizing Paul Ryan. Donald J. Trump still mentions Paul Ryan’s name when he gets the opportunity. The Republican candidate has implied that Paul Ryan can’t win without the votes of Trump supporters. Since taking back his political endorsement, Paul Ryan has become one of the targets for attacks of the Trump campaign. Things went as far as Trump supporters chanting anti-Ryan chants at campaign rallies.

House Speaker Paul Ryan Doesn’t Respond to Trump’s Provocation

Throughout this entire situation, Paul Ryan’s attitude has been calm and measured. House Speaker Ryan did not react to what the Trump camp has said about him. He chose instead to focus on preserving congressional majorities.

Paul Ryan probably made the political calculation that he has little to gain from getting involved in an exchange of words with Republican candidate Donald J. Trump. Even though Trump is criticizing him for not showing more support to his party’s nominee. The Speaker of the House has decided to ignore Trump until November 8. He doesn’t even mention Donald Trump’s name in his speeches anymore. Instead, he talks more generally about the stakes of this election and how important it is for the Republican party.

The Wisconsin Republican cannot respond to attacks by Trump in the same manner. He risks upsetting the conservatives if he does that. Yet, he cannot support Trump either. So, Paul Ryan is staying as far away from the controversy as he can. He is spending time raising funds and trying to bring attention to the congressional races. Also, he is trying to raise the level of enthusiasm for the GOP agenda in Congress. So, Paul Ryan is going out of his way to campaign for Republican candidates. But he is casually ignoring the party’s presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

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