Pastor Interrupts Trump at a Black Church Event

Pastor Interrupts Trump at a Black Church Event

Donald Trump has become well-known for his rhetoric. It is inflammatory and many a time causes furor.

His media persona is difficult to tackle. TV audiences are used to him speaking his mind. His tweets get a lot of media attention. Also, nothing seems to be able to stop him when he’s on a roll.

At public events, he speaks uninterrupted and skillfully delivers his attacks. Admittedly, he is more used to big rallies than smaller events.

But, this time, at one event, the unthinkable happened. Trump was interrupted and asked to change his speech.

Donald Trump Out of His Comfort Zone

Donald Trump has consolidated his electoral base from the time of the primaries. With his message “Make America Great Again” he has zeroed in on a certain type of voter. A voter that is sympathetic to Trump’s way of framing the argument. As well as his choice of words and phrases.

Trump is familiar with speaking in front of his supporters. He is used to delivering his message to a friendly audience. And to attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in front of people who seem to have as much against her as he does.

But with the general election getting closer and closer, Trump has had to step out of his comfort zone. The RNC as well as campaign staff probably encouraged him to reach out to a wider variety of voter. Moving away from the typical profile of a Trump voter.

It makes sense for the candidate to try and get as many votes as he possibly can. Even from demographic groups that don not traditionally vote Republican. So Donald Trump is out on the campaign trail trying to charm African American voters. And, at the same time, put to rest talk that he is not sympathetic to the problems of African American people.

Last week saw him attend an event at a black church for the first time during his campaign. Images of Trump swaying to gospel music defined the moment for the Republican candidate. Clearly, out of his element, Trump tried to make the best of a situation that didn’t fit well.

Yesterday he was in Flint, Michigan. And the campaign stop had more uncomfortable moments in store for the candidate.

Donald Trump Told to Refrain from Attacking Clinton

On Wednesday, Trump visited the city of Flint, Michigan. The city has had problems with contamination of its water supply recently. Also, it has a majority African American population.

In Flint, the Republican candidate stopped at Bethel United Methodist Church. The church has a predominantly African American congregation. On the day, it was hosting an open event that was available for any to join, according to the pastor of the church.

Donald Trump got up to speak to the assembled audience. After several phrases he started talking about Hillary Clinton. He was saying that Clinton had failed when it came to the economy. Attacking the Democratic candidate for supporting free trade economic plans.

Reverend Faith Green Timmons walked over to the podium and stopped Donald Trump. She cut him off mid-sentence as he was going to say something more about Hillary Clinton. The pastor reminded Trump that he was there to speak about Flint and the city’s situation. And that was what the audience wanted to hear, not political attacks.

Trump went back to talking about Flint, Michigan. In a rare campaign moment where someone managed to silence him.


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