Overdoses Can Be Overcome by Naloxone

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Overdoses can be overcome now, with the new Naloxone drug.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Overdoses can be overcome now, with the new Naloxone drug. Officer Kristen Kowalsky recalls the first time she saved an overdosed man who lost his consciousness after shooting heroin. The reversal drug turned out to be effective. Here’s what happened:

The man’s friend phoned the emergency number 911, after watching the victim inject himself in Baker Park, at night time. By the time police arrived, the man was lying next to a hypodermic needle, on the floor. As the officer opened a kit of nasal spray Naloxone, sold as Narcan, she noticed the man turning blue.

She was amazed to see the quick reaction, as, within a couple of seconds, the man became conscious and started talking to them. As he opened his eyes, the color came back and within minutes, he was talking to the police patrol.

At first, Narcan was seen as something of a life-saving novelty. With time, it became mundane. Emergency services have administered Naloxone 204 times, since January the 1st.

This life-saving medication isn’t cheap either. At 44$ per dose, the emergency services’ budget is depleting rapidly, as they ran out of funds six months into 2016.

The last batch of the drug was paid for with funds from a Federal Grant, but money was exhausted quickly. Over 500 treatment centers and pharmacies across the state of Indiana can now give out Naloxone without prescription.  The intervention overdose drug is now easier to get, at the same time as the overdoses related to cocaine and heroin have increased state wide.

The new law allows an agency like a nonprofit, pharmacy or treatment center to register with the state to sell the drug without a prescription to anybody who asks.

Naloxone’s price increased at the same rate as the demand. Now, the drug costs 30-40 dollars per dose. Drug-induced overdoses are on the rise across America, with the rate on its’ way to doubling in 2016.

Doctors warn that patients could use narcotics and administer the drug to themselves, falling asleep never to wake up, since this is a short-term fix and users still need a doctor’s supervision. Naloxone works by reversing the effect of illegal or legal hallucinogenic substances, like Heroin, Morphine or Oxycontin. That way, overdoses can be overcome.

Image Source- Pixabay