OnePlus Price Increased By Brexit

OnePlus 3

The new OnePlus 3 phone is going to be launched on July the 11th

The new OnePlus 3 phone is going to be launched on July the 11th at £20 pounds on top of the original price. Because the UK exited the European Union, the pound has decreased in value, so prices for some products went up, including the One Plus price.

The makers of One Plus announced that the launch would be postponed by two weeks, because of slight delays and a “schedule misalignment.”

With Britain leaving the European Union, trade agreements between the two parties became null, with the move affecting agreements between OnePlus and suppliers. Economical consequences of the vote for Brexit have now taken their toll on the OnePlus flagship phone’s price, as the pound is losing value.

Over the past few days, the pound dropped against the USD. OnePlus clarified that they’ve been holding off action for as long as they could. The significant drop in the currency market following the Brexit decision forced the company to re-evaluate the OnePlus and its pricing in the UK, at the same time as demand increased.

Starting with the 11th of July, the OnePlus handset sold in the UK will be priced at £329, with £20 higher than the price for those who already bought or preordered the handset.  OnePlus mentioned they did not want to increase the smartphone’s price so soon after launch. However, the decision had to do with the British Pound declining against the dollar, which gave them no choice.

Optimistically speaking, OnePlus gave customers a warning and those who are planning on buying the product can still have it for the original price of 309, until July 11th.

We’ve asked the experts what the consequences of the UK leaving the EU will be, on the handset market. Nick Muir, CEO for Wileyfox believes the exchange rate in the UK will continue to drop and that we may see other price increases for iPhones, Androids, and other equipment.

He also says that Brexit will affect Britain more than it was initially thought. The fall in value for the pound will probably lead to price increases in other sectors of the economy too, and it may prove to be a boomerang for politicians.

What is your take on this subject? Will recession strike the UK? Or is this just an isolated case of the price increase? Leave your comment below!

Image Source – YouTube