One Minute of Exercise Each Day Is All You Need

Those of you who don't like spending much time exercising will rejoice at this news.

Those of you who don’t like spending much time exercising will rejoice at this news.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTA new study has great news for all of us that would like to exercise more but cannot find the time or the energy. Researchers have found that intensive activity for only one minute is equal to spending 45 minutes exercising at a moderate level.

A team of scientists from the McMaster University has discovered the information we all dreamed of but never thought it possible: one minute of hard exercise has the same benefits as a lengthy 45 minutes sessions of more relaxed exercising. This intense activity requires proper warm-ups and stretching, but overall can accomplish the same as exercises that require much more time.

According to kinesiology professor Dr. Martin Gibala from the McMaster University,

“Most people cite ‘lack of time’ as the main reason for not being active. Our study shows that an interval-based approach can be more efficient — you can get health and fitness benefits comparable to the traditional approach, in less time.”

The team of researchers had to closely examine 27 sedentary men. The participants practiced one exercise regimen for twelve weeks. Half of the men opted for the MICT protocol which is comprised of cycling continuously for 45 minutes, and the other half for the SIT protocol, which involves three “all-out” cycle sprints which last for twenty seconds, separated by two minutes of slow-down. Regardless of the workout, all men had to warm-up for two minutes and cool down fro another three.

The researchers observed that both groups recorded an increase in their oxygen uptake peak by nineteen percent. The sensitivity to insulin and the muscle content also improved in the same way in both groups across the twelve weeks.

What is even better is that a short-burst workout has proven more effective on a large plan, and you do not need a bicycle or a gym to pursue such exercising. As Dr. Gibala has pointed out, it is important to make as much effort as you can, and this can be done even by climbing a flight of stairs while you head for lunch during your break at work. The health effects are surprisingly significant.

The results of the study were published in the PLOS ONE journal.

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