Obesity Causes Early Death

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A recent study found that obesity-related deaths affect three times more men than women.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A recent study found that obesity-related deaths affect three times more men than women. The study was conducted worldwide and found that the risk of dying before reaching 70 years of age was 19 percent for men and 11 percent for women of average weight.

The risk increased to thirty percent and fifteen percent for obese men and women. Smoking is the only thing that kills more people than obesity, in America. Lead researcher Richard Peto from the Oxford University believes that we should try to lose around 15 percent of our weight, to achieve a 10 percent reduced risk of dying before reaching 70 years of age.

Until now, the question of why obese men have a greater risk of premature death than obese women wasn’t clear.

The study could not offer an exact answer, but previous observations have shown that obese men have bigger levels of insulin resistance, fat levels, and diabetes risk than women. A US researcher said that more research needs to be done, to explore the link between obesity and mortality.

Avoiding obesity has great perks for both men and women. Other studies confirm that physical activity can reduce the risk of death.

Strong associations between increased body weight and early death have been reported all over the world. This made scientists confident in the results.

Even being slightly overweight or “fat in popular terms, poses health threats and increases chances of early death by 10%. For obese adults that risk is triple.

The current obesity epidemic continues to advance, putting people at risk of dying early, developing cancers, liver problems or diabetes. Scientists call for global collective action.

Roughly 1.3 billion adults worldwide are overweight, with a further 600 million obese people. The occurrence of adult obesity is 20% in Europe and 31% in North America. These two developed regions are among the worst affected by the epidemic. Child obesity is another growing concern, as today’s obese children are tomorrow’s obese adult, with huge changes in life quality, for the worse.

On the average, being overweight takes a year off someone’s life expectancy, and ten years off for obese people. This large scale study is just the latest of the alarm signals coming from health authorities.

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