Obama Calls Donald Trump Insecure

Obama Calls Donald Trump Insecure

The current president, Barack Obama has just a few months left on his second and last term. He is riding a wave of popularity on his way out and still has the support of many Americans. So the Democrat party is using Barack Obama in the presidential election of this year. Although he isn’t running himself, the president is part of this presidential campaign. He publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and speaks in favor of her experience and character when the opportunity presents itself. He is one of the most popular supporters that the Clinton camp leans on.

Barack Obama Supports Hillary Clinton in the Race

Barack Obama is showing support for the Democratic nominee, but at the same time is thinking of his own political legacy. A win by the Republican side would mean many of his accomplishments in office would be in jeopardy. So he is thinking of the work the Obama administration did these past eight years when endorsing his former Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is more likely to continue the progress that Obama has achieved. While Donald Trump would more likely tear down what the president has built.

So Barack Obama doesn’t just support Hillary Clinton, talking about the things that would make her a great president. He also takes time to talk about Donald J. Trump and what would make him a terrible president. The most recent comment that he made was about the personality of the Republican candidate, calling him “insecure”.

This Sunday, Barack Obama was present at a fundraiser for one of the Democratic campaigns. It was a small event with about 250 donors, in support of US Rep Tammy Duckworth. He took the opportunity to speak about the presidential race and the type of campaign that this election year has seen.

“One of the most disturbing things about this election is just the unbelievable rhetoric coming from the top of the Republican ticket”

Obama said in his speech.

Barack Obama attacks Donald Trump

Barack Obama talked about the comments that Donald Trump routinely makes. He said that they are demeaning and degrading to women. He also mentioned how some things the Republican candidate says are offensive to minorities, to immigrants, to people of different religious faiths. Donald Trump has made a lot of comments that could be construed as offensive to different social groups. The president had enough things to mention. So he added the veterans to the list, implying that Trump wasn’t honoring the sacrifice made by US troops with his comments.

After a list that is indeed long of people that have been hurt by Donald Trump’s comments, Barack Obama drew his conclusion. He said that Trump’s behavior is to pump himself up by making other people feel small, by putting them down. That shows that the Republican candidate is “insecure”. The president continued by saying that insecurity is a character trait that isn’t suitable for someone in the Oval Office. Clearly, Barack Obama was saying that Donald Trump shouldn’t be the next president of the United States.

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