Obama Boosts Clinton in Black Communities

Obama Boosts Clinton in Black Communities

President Barack Obama is going to North Carolina this Tuesday to campaign for the Democratic candidate in the race for the White House. The current president is riding a wave of popularity on his way out of office. He has been using this popularity to attract support from voters for Hillary Clinton. Those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 and still support the president are likely to listen to a political endorsement coming from him. So the Clinton campaign is trying to make the most of any campaign appearance by Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Will Campaign for Clinton in North Carolina

Hillary Clinton is ahead in the race for the White House, following mistakes made by the Trump campaign. As Donald Trump’s political campaign for the presidency unravels around him, Clinton is looking to capitalize on her opponent’s mistakes. She is also trying to shore up support in communities that are critical for a Democratic win in November. Hillary Clinton is relying heavily on Barack Obama’s popularity with African American voters, especially young voters.

This Tuesday, Barack Obama is going to attend a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, North Carolina. In Greensboro, four out of every ten residents are African American. A town hall that the president is going to attend is going to air during prime time on ESPN. The president is going to use every opportunity to rally support for Clinton. Hillary Clinton needs it, since polls show that African American voters don’t have the same level of enthusiasm for Clinton as they did for Obama four or eight years ago. In this election, a lot depends on whether or not Hillary Clinton can energize voters and motivate them to go to the polls.

Hillary Clinton Needs the African American Vote

Kerry Haynie is a professor of political science at Duke University. She also teaches African-American studies there. She thinks that Clinton’s numbers in the polls are helped by how terrible Trump’s performance is. Support for Hillary Clinton has a lot to do with making sure Donald Trump loses.

“The more the Trump campaign implodes, the more enthusiasm there is to make sure Trump does not become president”

Said Kerry Haynie.

The professor of political science thinks that African American voters spend more time talking about Trump. But that they do it in a negative way, discussing outrageous comments or bad behavior by the Republican candidate. When talking about Hillary Clinton, African American voters talk more about she can stop Donald Trump and stop the things that he would do as president.

African American voters, if properly motivated to get out and vote, can be an important resource in an election. In 2008 and in 2012 respectively, African American voters were 13 percent of the electorate nationwide. At the time they represented 12 percent of the population. So the way African American people vote can influence the outcome of an election.

Hillary Clinton needs African American voters to get out and vote on Election Day. And she needs them to do it in high numbers. In swing states like North Carolina, Florida, Ohio or Pennsylvania the African American vote could help determine the winner.

Image source: The White House