Number of Pedestrian Casualties Higher than Ever

"More Pedestrians are Killed in Car Accidents"

The number of pedestrians killed in car accidents has increased by 10 percent since 2014.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – According to a new report concerning the number of pedestrian casualties is higher than ever. The same reports state that even though driving conditions have improved since 2014, the number of pedestrians ran over by motorists is still rising.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association has released a new report detailing the pedestrian casualty situation. According to the aforementioned report, it would seem that the number of pedestrians ran over by distracted motorists, has increased by ten percent since 2015.

Even though the study was not concluded, the number listed above is a direct quotation from the preliminary report, the paper is pretty straightforward when it comes to spikes in road kills.

Moreover, the situation becomes even more baffling, if we take into account the economic improvement. Since 2014, the price of gas has dropped to a new low and people have begun to spend more time behind the wheel than ever before.

Also, the report mentions the fact that since 2014, more people have started to leave their cars at home, in order to enjoy a walk around the block. In most cases, these people who have chosen to abandon their cars behind have health issues which force them to exercise more frequently.

Now, as far as highway fatalities are concerned, the scientists said that one possible cause might be the overuse of the misuse of a cell phone. According to their appraisal of the situation, drivers rely far too much on smartphones or tablets while behind the wheel.

Whether using the gadget to search for an alternate route or to find something fast on the Internet, it would seem that these types of devices can distract the drivers on the road. The researchers predicted that most of the fatal road accidents which occurred back in 2014 were due to distracted drivers.

However, this lead is still under investigation. In the meantime, according to the draft of the report, it looks like 2.368 pedestrians were killed in road accident in 2015, compared to 2014’s figure of 2.232.

Furthermore, the traffic safety specialists declared that these numbers are usually registered during the first half of the year, especially during summer.

As always, the authorities are cautioning pedestrians and drivers alike to maintain traffic discipline. Whether or not these figures will impact any future car safety regulations we do not know for sure.

What we do know it that 15 percent of all traffic accidents registered in the United States involved pedestrian fatalities.

Photo credits:pixabay