New Withings Scales Have Amazing Features

one of the two new Withings scales

The two new Withings scales that are now available can very well be the health-tracking technology that people have been waiting for. The devices feature state of the art technology that measure the pulse, the weight, and the amount of water in the organism of the user, sending feedbacks to an app installed on the person’s smartphone.

Did you ever dream of having a primary physician crammed into your smartphone? Withings did just that. Well, it’s not actually as accurate as a doctor, more of a first-year resident that is able to read basic blood work. However, it’s more than the average fitness band, or personal trainer can do.

The new Withings scales are The Body and the Body Cardio. The first is being sold for $129.95 and the latter for $179.95. The Body Cardio may seem a little expensive for a smart scale, but its features more than make up for the price.

Withings has been recently acquired by Nokia. Ever since the company has been working on several devices that are health-related including a fitness tracker by the name of Go fitness.

The new Withings scales work with the Withings Health Mate App that is available on Android and iOS. The app collects information every time the user uses the scale. The main screen of the mobile feature acts as a snapshot.

The Withings Body Cardio scale is slicker and more sophisticated that the average bathroom scale. It is made out of a special tempered glass that has a very high strength and can be purchased in either black or white.

The first time an individual uses it, it will ask the user to download the app. The main display of the scale will only show the weight and the hearth-health status of the person that is using it. Moreover, it also shows the local weather in a corner, so that the user knows how to dress in that particular morning.

However, the device has numerous other amazing features. It can show you your fat mass, muscle mass, the levels of water in your body, your pulse, and help you set up a routine to keep yourself healthy.

“The $179 device, called Body Cardio, measures pulse wave velocity produced by the heating of one’s heart and can correlate with high blood pressure. This measurement can only normally be done in a clinical setting,” Withings declared.

Image source: Flickr