Instagram reveals new translation feature

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The “Translation” button is on its’ way.


Beacon Transcript – With 500 million users, Instagram is beginning to look like competition for Facebook. The social media website unveiled the new translation feature which will give you the option of seeing comments, bios, and captions in your own language. The “Translation” button is on its’ way.

Only a month is left before you can enjoy Instagram in one of the world’s languages. Instagram has grown to a global scale and is now acknowledging that through the ” Translation” button.

Feed stories and profile bios written in a language different from your own will soon be translated by Instagram, so you can always understand what’s going on in your circle of friends.

Instagram will detect which language you speak automatically and help you with this new translation feature, based on phone settings.  This will depend on the language you use and the languages that the software supports.

Older posts and comments will not be translated for the time being.

This possibility will make Instagram more competitive on the global market, and it will expand the user base.

The recent announcement was posted on Instagram and got over 372 thousand likes.

Instagram is a video and image-driven platform, a key player in the world of social media. This change will push other competitors to offer machine translation, too, if they don’t want to lose their share of the market.

The idea behind translating Instagram feeds and posts is to bring the community closer. At the moment, the social media tool supports 24 languages, with hopes for that number to go up to 70 languages in future.

Most Instagram users welcome this change to their social media website. The translation, although automatically done by a machine, is quick and almost accurate. Comments seem to pose the greatest challenge to the automated translation tool on Instagram, but improvements are sure to follow.

Twitter and Facebook are other social media sites that offer machine translation so you can keep in touch with your friends all over the world. No more of those unintelligible messages or pictures! From now on, you’ll know if someone’s messing with you!
There are over 300 hundred million daily users on Instagram, with 80% of users internationally based. Over 95 million videos and photos are shared daily, with billions of likes.

Image source: YouTube