New Study Reveals Heart Attacks Hit Younger Patients

"New Study Reveals Heart Attack Patients are Younger "

Cleveland Clinic cardiologists pointed out that the average age of patients suffering from heart-related conditions has decreased from 65 to 60 years old.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A new study performed by the Cleveland Clinic points out that the average age of people suffering from heart attacks has decreased by nearly five years. Moreover, as the study would suggest, most of the patients experiencing heart attacks are much younger and more overweight than they were a decade ago.

Usually, a healthy lifestyle translates into having a healthy body and a sound mind. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of our health is taking care of our hearts. A healthy and balanced diet along with plenty of physical exercises are crucial in terms of preventing the onset of various heart diseases.

A new study on heart diseases revealed that although doctors have stressed out the importance of prevention, their patients are even younger and fatter than before.

The paper, which shall be presented during the 65th Annual Session of the American College of Cardiology, stressed that the average age of a patient being diagnosed with a heart condition has decreased from 65 to 60 years old.

Furthermore, most patients diagnosed with heart diseases usually display more than one additional conditions such as diabetes or obesity. Hypertension and smoking are also considered factors that increase the risk of suffering from heart diseases.

Doctor Samir Kapadia, the lead author of the study, who is also an interventional cardiologist, declared that although doctors have done a marvelous job in informing their patients about the dangers of heart attacks, the mortality rate is higher than even.

Moreover, the cardiologist stressed out that along a healthy diet and plenty of physical exercises, patients should also think about going in for regular check-ups. This is perhaps the most important aspect of preventing the onset of a heart condition.

As for the study, doctor Kapadia and his team of medical examiners have analyzed the medical records of over 4000 patients admitted and treated for various heart conditions, including heart attacks, at the Cleveland Clinic.

Between 1995 and 2014, all of the patients mentioned above were admitted after suffering from an ST-elevation myocardial infarction, broadly considered to be the most dangerous and deadly forms of heart attacks.

As the doctors explain, an STEMI happens when the patient’s coronary artery gets blocked. Once the blood flow gets obstructed, the circulatory system will be unable to supply a heart portion with blood, thus going into shock and eventually shutting down.

Moreover, the average age of patients suffering from an STEMI has decreased over the years from 65 to 60 years old. Obesity also seems to have become a game-changer since 31 percent of the patients who have suffered a heart attacks had weight-related problems. Diabetes accounts for 7 percent of patients who experience heart attacks, while COPD and hypertension account for 7, respectively 22 percent of patients.

Smoking also shifted the risk of suffering from an STEMI from 28 % to 48 %.

At the end of his study, doctor Kapadia said that the results of this study will help physicians to counsel better their patients on the dangers of heart attacks.

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