New Jersey Wants to Ban Texting while Walking

"New Jersey Wants to Ban Texting while Walking "

If the law passes, than pedestrians using their cells while walking can be fined and even receive prison time.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – According to a recent press statement, the state of New Jersey intends to introduce a new fine system for distracted pedestrians. If the law passes, pedestrians using electronic devices such as cellphones or tablets might receive a fine and even prison time.

The new safety measure has been suggested by Pamela Lampitt, an NJ Assemblyman. Quoting the finding of a study regarding pedestrian safety, Lampitt declared that ample measure must be taken in order to deal with the “distracted pedestrian” issue.

While most of her colleagues agreed that steps must be taken to prevent any future mishaps, some of them said that the measure might be too harsh. Furthermore, a lot of states lawmakers stated that if the law passes, there might not be enough police officers to enforce the law.

The “distracted pedestrian” law addresses the new reality of traffic safety. According to the study quoted by the New Jersey assemblyman, from 2005 to 2011, traffic fatalities due to distractions have increased from 11 percent to 15 percent. This number was called significant, and radical actions must be taken to educate citizens on traffic etiquette.

Lampitt also said that the main reason pedestrians pay less attention to traffic than to their electronic devices is because society has become more dependent on such gadgets. With these new gadgets, everyone can do their jobs on the go.

So, it’s of little wonder that man decide to write their report on their way to their jobs. When it’s not about work, people tend to plug in their headphones and listen to music while strolling, thus diverting their attention from the environment.

If the law passes, then those caught texting while walking or listening to music using over-the-ears headphones, might receive a 250 dollars fine. However, depending on the severity of their actions, the lawmaker said that the punishment can even include 15 days in prison.

According to another study, which was performed by the National Safety Council, from 2000 to 2011, approximately 11.000 injuries were reported due to risky traffic behavior, which, in this situation, roughly translates as being distracted.

In conclusion, the law is still in the making, meaning that there are a couple of thinks they must settle before it can be applied. While most believe that a solid education might prevent future accidents, many think that a more radical measure must be taken to upkeep traffic safety.

Pedestrians while only be allowed to use their cellphones while walking if they possess a hands-free device.

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