New Jersey Bear Pedals Killed during Hunting Season

New Jersey Bear Pedals Killed during Hunting Season

A community in northern New Jersey is in shock at the news that a black bear could be dead. The black bear was known as Pedals and was in fact very popular. Pedals became a sensation on social media after a video of the bear walking on its hind legs went viral. The video shows the black bear walking upright.

It’s possible that a hunter killed Pedals during New Jersey’s bow hunting season. The bow hunting season is a yearly event and lasts for five days. The community expressed outrage at the possibility.

Unidentified Hunter Shoots Black Bear in New Jersey

The black bear could be spotted walking around in the wilderness. Photos of the bear were widely available and it even had its own Facebook page. This Monday, an unidentified hunter brought the body of a black bear to one of the check stations for hunting season in Rockaway Township. Wildlife experts that looked at the animal’s body concluded that the bear spent little time on all four legs. So it’s possible that the black bear could in fact be Pedals.

Animal rights activists say that Pedals was killed with a bow and arrow. This has not been confirmed yet. But it’s not just animal rights activists that regret what happened. Average New Jersey residents are sorry to hear that Pedals is no more.

Chris Fox lives in the area and could see the bear walking around the neighborhood. He says that the news about Pedals was horrible and that it made him sick to his stomach. Chris Fox believes that this should not have happened to Pedals.

 “Because he’s an innocent bear minding his own business, just searching for food. Never got into trouble, never harmed anybody and you have this idiot who tracked him to hunt him, to kill him.”

Said Chris Fox.

Department of Fish and Wildlife Can’t Confirm Bear’s Identity

Pedals became famous on the Internet in 2014. The bear would walk around on his two hind legs and go through the yards of local residents. People started taking photos and filming videos of the bear and posting them online. Everybody grew fond of the black bear and started calling him Pedals.

Experts that looked at the videos determined that the bear probably had an injured paw or leg. That didn’t allow Pedals to walk on all fours.

The last time anyone ever saw the black bear was this June. Everybody believed that the bear would make it through the winter.

The New Jersey Division of the Department of Fish and Wildlife could confirm that someone did bring a black bear into the station on Monday. They also said that the bear had “injured limbs”. But a spokesman for the Division said that there was no way they could verify the identity of the bear. The Department of Fish and Wildlife had not tagged Pedals. Also, there was no DNA sample for the bear. So the Department of Fish and Wildlife cannot say for certain that it was Pedals.

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