New Clinton Emails Unlikely to Change FBI Decision

New Clinton Emails Unlikely to Change FBI Decision

The recent announcement from the Director of the FBI, James Comey is unlikely to change the FBI decision not to charge Hillary Clinton. The saga of the Clinton emails has seen new developments as the FBI is willing to open another chapter. In a separate investigation of former member of Congress Anthony Weiner, the FBI has discovered new emails that makes them want to take another look at the Clinton investigation. That has led to speculation over the weekend that this could lead to federal charges against Hillary Clinton. But legal experts say that it is unlikely for any changes to take place regarding the FBI decision.

The FBI Finds New Clinton Emails

This Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI has found new emails related to Hillary Clinton’s use of private email. These new emails come from a computer used by former Democrat member of Congress, Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin. Ms. Abedin is a longtime aide of Hillary Clinton and currently serves as vice chairwoman on her presidential campaign. The emails were not part of the Clinton investigation. But the FBI says that they are relevant to it and they might want to open the investigation again.

The issue of using private email during her time as Secretary of State has been a problem for Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton since she announced her bid for the White House. It was a talking point during the primary race to the point that public opinion became saturated with the topic. At one point, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said that he doesn’t want to hear about the emails anymore and wants to focus instead on the issues.

More Email Controversy for the Clinton Campaign

But the story of Hillary Clinton’s emails that had been put to rest is front page news again. Just eleven days before Election Day, the Clinton campaign has to deal with speculation about Hillary Clinton’s emails again. On Friday, the campaign responded by saying that they are just now finding out about the situation. And did not comment any further. But the Republican side jumped at the opportunity to criticize Hillary Clinton. The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald J. Trump attacked his opponent. Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway openly expressed her happiness concerning the recent development in a tweet. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan, who had recently been quiet about the presidential race, has said that Hillary Clinton should not be the beneficiary of classified information until the matter is resolved.

It is obvious that the FBI announcement is going to have an effect on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The Democratic candidate is ahead in the polls by a comfortable margin. But Hillary Clinton is still working to secure the 270 electoral votes that she needs to become the next President of the United States. Another discussion about how she may have mishandled classified information could hurt her chances. It all raises the question of whethershe is prepared to handle being the president. But, looking at the federal inquiry into her emails, it looks unlikely that the FBI is going to reverse course and charge Hillary Clinton.

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