Nest Introduces Sightline

Nest Introduces Sightline

Nest is a brand name that has become more and more familiar in the consumer goods market. It is a company that makes products that could be called home-gadgets. But the people at Nest want their products to be more than just gadgets. And more than just passing fads that come and go.

The company actually wants to bring the smart home of the future closer. While the fully automated, intelligent house that uses AI is a long way away, Nest products are steps in that direction. Taking an approach that develops one aspect of home-living at a time.


What Nest has prepared now is an upgrade to the Nest Cam. Their line of security cameras that use the cloud for data storage. The upgrade will let users easily find and review any moment that has been recorded.

It is called Sightline and it is basically an app feature. It will let you browse through recorded footage within seconds. Everything that the camera has just stored in the cloud is available to you at a glimpse.

Mehul Nariyawal is a Nest product manager. He also works on how Nest uses computer vision and how they use image recognition. Basically, Nariyawal does work on how these functions are integrated into Nest products, like the Nest Cam. He had this insight to offer: “80 percent of our customers use Nest Cam for home security”.

Talking about his company’s product he said that it helps users capture every moment. According to him, when using Nest Cam, you don’t have to worry about dead batteries or about skipping moments. The camera offers 24/7 live video and records every moment.

With being able to video everything 24/7 comes the issue of data overload. Mehul Nariyawal says that users also want to able to find things quickly. And have every recorded moment at their fingertips.

All Nest Cam owners can upgrade to Sightline. The upgrade brings more changes in usability. You no longer see a table of activity. But a timeline that is interactive. Scrolling through images can be done easily by just gliding your finger over the screen.

All users will have access to Sightline. They will be able to see photos. However, Nest Aware subscribers will have access to data storage of 10 days worth of footage. That they can watch as a continuous time lapse

Future Apps

In the future, Nest wants to work on developing software and services. They have a range of products available now that have wide recognition. The next challenge for the company is making these products work for the user. Using technology like machine learning and image recognition to find relevant data.

One of the projects that the company is working on is about the Nest Cam Outdoor. The product is going to include a notification system that sends owners a ping on their mobile. It lets them know when someone is in front of the camera. The name of the notification system is Person Alerts. The company wants its main advantage to be how certain the system is.

Maxime Veron is director of hardware product marketing for Nest. In statement he said that the future will be about intelligent alerts. “Customers want to know when something is happening that genuinely deserves their attention”, he said.


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