Nelsonville’s Police Dep Apprehended John Modie

"Nelsonville’s Police Dep Apprehended John Modie"

Ohio’s state patrol confirmed that the escaped inmate was capture on Monday evening.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Nelsonville’s Police Department announced that John Modie, an inmate who escaped from the Southeast Correctional Facility on Sunday evening, was apprehended yesterday at approximately 10:50 p.m. Both the police department and Ohio’s Highway state patrol confirmed that the convict was taken into custody after being discovered on the back of a Grand Cherokee Jeep.

Here are all the facts to the story. On Sunday evening, the Southeast Correctional Facility confirmed that John Modie, an inmate serving an 18-to-life sentence for murder and robbery, failed to report to the evening head count.

At that time, both the prison’s warden and Nelsonville’s police department thought that Modie was armed and is probably looking for a place to hide. The authorities said that John Modie might be heading towards Washington County where the convict has some relatives.

As a result of Modie’s escape from the Correctional Facility, the nearby Hocking College posted on its official Facebook page that all activities are being canceled until the murder is caught. The campus was also placed on high alert, and the police told the student to stay indoors and to report any suspicious activities.

After hours of search, John Modie was captured. The joint team which took down Modie declared that the inmate did not resist arrest and that the whole action went down without any incident.

According to the Ohio Highway State Patrol, the convict, by the name of John Modie was discovered in the back of a gold Grand Cherokee Jeep, traveling with two other women. The police are working right now to determine whether the two women are Modie’s accomplices or whether Modie took them hostages.

As we come to understand, John Modie was convicted of murder and theft back in May 2003. According to the Court documents, in 2003, Modie killed Ucianna Ortiz in his home from Cleveland. He then dragged his body to a stolen car and dumped it on a city road.

The police were able to apprehend John Modie after just a few days, acting on a car theft complaint. It would seem that after slaying his victim, Modie stole a car from the victim’s neighbor and tried to cross the border.

A coroner took the body to subject it to a full necropsy. The examination confirmed that Modie’s victim died to blunt trauma to his head. For murder and theft, Modie received an 18-year-to life sentence. Moreover, after the stunt he pulled on Sunday, John Modie might receive additional prison time.

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