All You Need to Know about Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

The wait for the next installment of the Final Fantasy series is almost over, and you might want to get all the necessary details. Square Enix has revealed its plans, after years of renames, redesigns and raising and lowering the expectations of the fans.

The company gave more details about Final Fantasy XV during the Final Fantasy Uncovered event that took place this week in the form of no less than fifteen different announcements. Here are the latest developments of one of the most popular and most awaited games of the year.

First of all, the release date has been set for September 30. While another six months might sound excruciating to some of you, it is nothing compared to the 120 months you had to wait until now. After a fun summer, you will be able to plunge directly into Eos, the captivating world where Final Fantasy XV takes place.

The game will be compatible with PS4 and Xbox One, leaving Windows out of the play. Massive fans will have the option to get the more expensive Final Fantasy Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which includes an artbook of 192 pages, the soundtrack, a Kingsglaive blu-ray, a Noctis action figure, the Brotherhood blu-ray and of course, many in-game special features. There will be only 30,000 packages coming at the price of about $270.

The presentation included loads of other reveals about the story, the gameplay, and the game world, including the updated combat system. A new trailer has also been released in order to give you a taste of what is to come.

For those of you who simply cannot wait until September, Square Enix has released a demo of Final Fantasy XV named Platinum, which you can find on the PlayStation store. It is sure to either ease your restlessness or make even more anxious for playing the whole game.

While you wait, you can also check out Final Fantasy related content, such as the anime series Brotherhood. The series will have five episodes and will be focused on Noctis, the lead character, and three traveling companions. Furthermore, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will also soon be released. The CG animated film features the voices of acclaimed actors Lena Headey, Sean Bean and Aaron Paul. Lastly, you can also take a look at Justice Monsters Five, a mini-game designed for smartphones and tablets.

Should you wish to find out more details, the whole presentation video can be accessed here.

Image Source: GameSpot