NASA Brings Internet to the Solar System

solar system internet

NASA took the first steps in implementing Internet to the Solar System.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Recently, NASA took the first steps in implementing the Internet to the Solar System. The Space Agency has finally introduced new technology for the International Space Station. It could provide the Internet throughout the Solar System, in future. This will be useful for missions beyond Earth’s orbit, which could transmit important information using this technologically advanced system.

This interplanetary system, named “Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking”, will act like regular Wi-Fi. This advanced internet will make communication between NASA and the ISS easier and more reliable. It will act as a channel of communication between Earth and the Solar System.

DTN functions by providing a network database. It will keep bundles of data in nodes, along a given communication path.

The problem with the old network of information that was used by NASA is that it got interferences from spaceships, planets, asteroids or space debris, stalling or even stopping communication at times. This will no longer be the case, once the new system will be fully functioning.

The DTN installed on the ISS can improve communication by storing extra data, and, when the communication is interrupted, forwarding it to NASA headquarters, using relay stations. Uses for this new development include faster internet on Earth, communication with robotic spaceships and even possibly manned colonies, for the future. Right now, it will still improve mobile networks on Earth, meaning there will be practically no place without a signal.

This technology has been tested for a long time. This month it will be installed in a software suite for scientists to use.

NASA has also introduced a new app for Apple owners, which gives them access to stunning images, videos, information on missions and more, on a large screen, for the entire family to see.

The NASA App brings the world of space exploration at your fingertips. With a huge collection of NASA content, such as videos on demand, real time Earth images and Even a Third Rock Radio, this App is designed to keep you tuned in.

One of the most welcomed features is the ISS live Experience, where you get to see what life on board the International Space Station is like. Before we know it, the Internet to the Solar System might mean that the Moon has a better connection than us.

Image Source – Wikipedia