Mysterious Ancient Birds Discovery

dinosaur bird

Ancient birds now have fewer secrets for archaeologists.

Ancient birds now have fewer secrets for archaeologists. Wings from birds which lived at the same time as dinosaurs have been found incorporated in amber. The discovery was made in the country of Myanmar, in South-East Asia.

The birds got trapped in a tropical forest, and their remains got fossilized in amber. This way, the wings were preserved perfectly. This could tell researchers more about how birds evolved over time.

Claws were found attached to the little wings, which led scientists to believe that these birds were fully developed and ready for action, as soon as they hatched.

Lida Xing from a Beijing University told reporters that this breed of birds did not wait around for food. Instead, they set off to look for food by themselves.

Carbon dating is used to determine the relative age of the tissue. And it was found to be nearly 100 million years ago.The dinosaur era wings have been described by experts as the closest thing we’ve got to soft tissue. The weight of these ancient wings is about 0.06 ounces. These breed of birds was thriving during the Cretaceous period.

The mummified remains have feathers, teeth, and claws. Even though they belong to tiny dinosaur birds, there are many similarities between modern day birds and this extinct breed, which is similar to a Humming bird.

The problem with amber preserved animals, however, is that most times it’s hard to tell which part of the animal has been conserved and which hasn’t. Scientists have unearthed flesh, feathers, teeth, claws, an entire bird preserved in amber. This is a new opportunity to study the extinct breed of birds and understand more about what caused their downfall.

In life, these small birds had brown colors on the upper side of their wings, white colors at the base, two long tails shaped like ribbons and teeth, hinting at their ancestry.

Now, researchers can reconstruct models which tell us what the birds must have looked like, to display in museums around the world.

Archaeologists often find remains of ancient creatures trapped in amber. Bugs, flowers, lizards, and other creatures are found stuck in amber all the time. But when researchers unearth such long extinct creatures, they know they’ve found something extraordinary- ancient birds.

The amber is commonly mined and sold as jewelry.

Image Source – Wikipedia