More Americans Are Losing Their Lives in Accidents

stick man slipping

Slipping on wet bathroom or kitchen floors are lead causes of accidental deaths.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – According to a new study, more Americans are losing their lives in accidents than ever before. While they did find pertinent explanations for these occurrences, the numbers are still concerning. What’s even more surprising is that preventable accidents are claiming more lives than car crashes.

Falls and fatal overdoses are causing the death of more Americans each year. Drug abuse alone is claiming more lives in the US than car crashes.

According to the National Safety Council’s latest report, in 2014 over 136,000 individuals died accidentally. This is the highest number of preventable deaths ever recorded. It represents a 4.2 percent increase from 2013 and a stunning 15.5 percent increase from the last decade.

The accidental death rate is being influenced by the heroin and opioid epidemic. The nation is facing an unprecedented drug abuse problem, overdoses being the primary cause of accidental and preventable deaths among its citizens.

Death by accidental poisoning or overdose claimed approximately 42,000 individuals in 2014. The number is four times higher than that registered in 1998.

On the other hand, 35,398 people died in car crashes in 2014. This is a 22 percent decrease from the 53,000 lives lost on the road in 1980.

Experts believe that the reason for such a considerable progress is the fact that manufacturers are producing safer vehicles, and the new technology obligates drivers to put on their seatbelts. Moreover, teenagers are getting their licenses harder, some being declined due to graduated licenses.

Speeding, drunk driving, and a refusal of wearing the seat belt are still claiming over 10,000 lives each year. While the numbers have improved, the NSC wants to see them drop even further, especially seeing as the majority of car crashes are easily preventable.

More Americans are losing their lives in accidents involving crashing vehicles due to distracted driving. If drivers would put all of their electronic devices aside and stay focused on the road, thousands of lives could be spared annually.

Another set of preventable deaths is represented by accidental falling. In 2014, 32,000 individuals died after slipping on a wet kitchen floor or in the bathroom. This is a significant increase from the 10,000 recorded accidents in 1992.

Experts believe that a part of the problem is represented by the fact that Americans are living longer lives, thus increasing their chances of falling at old age.

The most important conclusion to be drawn from the latest NSC report is the fact that more Americans are losing their lives in accidents that are perfectly preventable. People can start installing safety rails to prevent bathroom falls; they can start wearing their seatbelt, and stop using any sort of electronic devices while driving.

Image source: Pixabay