Mojang Improved Minecraft’s Combat System

"Mojang Improved Minecraft’s Combat System "

Version 1.9 lets players use shields and wield dual weapons.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Ever get tired of building stuff in Minecraft? Then why won’t bash things around for a change? Use spectral arrows, flaming shields and dual-wielded weapons to wreak havoc on your enemies. According to a new blog post, Mojang improved Minecraft’s combat system.

We all know that Minecraft is pretty cool because it still employs an 8-bit interface. It’s cool to build stuff, survive in the wild, forge legendary weapons, but when it comes to fighting foes, let’s just say that Minecraft isn’t exactly ideal.

But things are about to change, thanks to Mojang’s initiative. So, what’s this all about? Well, it would seem that the boys and girls working for the gaming studio were busy lately. No, they were not working on a new Minecraft event, but rather on a new patch.

The 1.9 version of the game was recently released and apart from a couple of bug fixes, the patch also upgraded the combat system. Your character will now be able to execute other players and NPCs in the most gruesome of ways, and they will also be able to behave entirely different under fire.

One of the newest additions to the combat system is the use of shields. Yes, players can now use shields to block most of the melee and long-ranged attacks. And no, you cannot use shields to prevent magic strikes.

Apart from this upgrade, the dev team also included a dual-wielding system. You are now able to wield two single-handed weapons, and you can even swap them by tapping the “F” key. They’ve also worked on adding some sweet moves for players who prefer broad swords and axes.

The latest update also includes new types of arrows such tipped arrows and spectral arrows. Foe-wise speaking, the dev added a special surprise for those players who are keen on bashing skulls: deadly skeleton riders of doom.

And among other stuff listed in the latest version of the ever popular game are crushing blows when wielding an axe, new sound effects and subtitles for those sound effects, a new mob called Shulker, igloos, dragon head blocks, elytra and sweep attacks for those who are wielding bladed weapons.

You can read the full list of improvements on Mojang’s official page although the best way to see the improvements in action is to fire up the game and to call your friends in for a game of Minecraft.

Mojang improved Minecraft’s combat system, which now includes spectral arrows, ominous skeletons riders and special weapon attacks.