MIT’s DeepDrumpf sounds better than Trump

"MIT’s DeepDrumpf sounds better than Trump"

A deep learning sofware managed to mimic Trump’s speeches. The results were posted on Twitter.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A computer scientist from MIT managed to put together a computer program that acts and speaks just like Donald Trump. In fact, MIT’s DeepDrumpf sounds even better than Trump and has started to share its thoughts on Twitter.

We are all aware of the fact that AI and deep learning machines are the future. Every major tech company out there is investing hard cash in research projects involving smarter learning machines.

And there are the guys over at MIT, who think that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Recently, Bradley Hayes, an MIT researcher working at CSAIL, declared that he was successful in devising a machine that could reproduce entire streams of thoughts and speeches belonging to several people.

For example, Hayes said he first programmed the computer to think and act like Shakespeare. After being fed with tons of material about the great playwright, and no to mention his work, the almost-sentient machine began to talk and to write very much like the Renaissance author.

But to make matters spicier, Hayes wanted to see if the machine can imitate the speech of yet another classic. After being fed with hours and hours of speeches belonging to the ever favorite GOP candidate, the machine was put to the test.

When asked about how he managed to imitate Trump, Hayes put together a long and sciency discourse. He said that the machine managed to pick up Trump’s manner of thinking much quickly than Shakespeare’s. The scientists also argued that the deep-learning software could also mimic Trump’s method of constructing his elocutions, claiming that the candidate has the English skill of an elementary school student.

The software can analyze and detect patterns in someone’s speech. After compiling the information gathered from various sources, the machine can put together a text which sounds very much like the original.

To test out his new design, the scientists thought it would be best to unleash the AI on the Internet. And so, he created a Twitter account for the machine called @DeepDrumpf. On this account, the machine posts Trump-like comments at regular intervals.

Of course, the machine has its limitations, meaning that most of the posts are nonsensical, but now and then it manages to surprise us with a little speech that sounds very Trump-like.

The best one so far seems to a post from the 3rd of March, where the Trump-droid wrote:

“I’m what ISIS doesn’t need.”

For more examples, head on over to @DeepDrumpf on Twitter and follow the eloquent speeches of the Trump-like bot.

Photo credits:youtube