Mike Pence Will Be a Bridge to the Establishment in the Trump Administration

Mike Pence Will Be a Bridge to the Establishment in the Trump Administration

After the result of the 2016 presidential election became clear, the numbers spelled victory for the Republican ticket. That means that the country will have a new president in the person of Donald J. Trump. It also means that there will be a new vice-president. Mike Pence, Donald J. Trump’s running mate is going to step into the office that Joe Biden is leaving in January 2017. As a vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence brought balance to the Republican ticket. He did very well with the base of the Republican party who felt reassured by his strong values.

The Vice-President Is a Career Politician

Mike Pence is very different from Donald J. Trump. The President-elect is an outsider to Washington politics and ran his campaign on an anti-establishment message. His running mate served to balance the Republican ticket. In contrast to Trump, Mike Pence is a career politician. He has served in the United States House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013. Also, he ran the state of Indiana as governor.

Mike Pence has said that he is a conservative before he is a Republican. Many conservatives admire his strong Christian faith. He seems to oppose what many see as a rapid social liberalization of the country. Throughout the campaign, he stayed focused and on message.

How much influence Mike Pence is going to have in the Trump administration remains to be seen. But many are hoping that the vice-president is going to be a link to the political establishment and the Republican party.

Mike Pence Has Strong Support within the Republican Party

Mike Pence’s name was suggested for the VP slot by aides of Donald J. Trump. Initially, the candidate was unsure of the nomination. But Mike Pence had a solid record with the GOP and a calm, sober demeanor. The political calculation was that he would do well with voters who found Donald J. Trump’s temperament troubling at times.

In the difficult last weeks of the campaign, the Indiana governor was a reassuring figure to conservative voters. As key Republican politicians were walking away from Donald J. Trump and taking back their support, Mike Pence tried to talk to the core of the conservative electorate. He made efforts to bring back voters who were struggling with voting for a candidate that didn’t seem to share their values.

During the campaign, Donald J. Trump appeared at large rallies, usually on his own. But Mike Pence attended smaller events in towns across the United States. He usually shared the stage with senators, governors as well as congressmen. Republican politicians found it easier to lend their endorsement to the Trump campaign through Mike Pence.

At a rally in Wisconsin, Mike Pence managed to bring back House Speaker Paul Ryan at an event that also had former primary candidate Gov. Scott Walker present. Paul Ryan had a difficult relationship with presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. But even though the House Speaker was no longer even mentioning Trump, he had good things to say about Mike Pence.

“I have seen this man when no one is watching, this man be a man of courage, of integrity. He is from the heart of the conservative movement,”

said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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