Microsoft Added Three New Games to Xbox 360

"Microsoft Added Three New Games to Xbox 360"

Microsoft updated its oldies list with three niew titles.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – According to a recent announcement released by Microsoft, old games aficionados have three more reasons to get excited about. The tech company said that it added three new great games to Xbox 360. Gamers will now be able to dig in and play SoulCalibur II, King of Fighters ’98 and Halo Wars using Xbox One’s backwards compatibility mode.

Apparently the rumors were true. Microsoft has just announced that the list of games working with Xbox One’s backwards compatibility just got updated. Users will now be able to experience the SoulCalibur II, the original PS2 title, with no makeup and no additions.

But, wait! Apart from SoulCalibur II, players will be able to relieve the time of epic PVP battles in Halo Wars. Construct your base, build your army and raise hell among the Covenant in this great game. Moreover, those who love the Street Fighter franchise or any other type of arcade-like games can take a crack at King of Fighters ’98, another great title.

It would seem that Microsoft has gained popularity after launching the backward compatibility mode for Xbox One. Presently, Xbox 360, Microsoft’s reliquary of oldie includes over 100 great titles. Furthermore, to give the players a sense of affiliation, the tech company designed Xbox One’s interface from scratch.

Since last November, Xbox’s current UI closely resemble Windows 10. Game-wise speaking, according to the list of great games posted on the web back in December, Microsoft revamped some cool games like Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, Borderlands, Mass Effect and even the first Assassin’s Creed.

Probably the coolest game included in the December list is Fallout 3, the original game plus all DLCs ever released for the game.

An official statistic posted by Microsoft back in March announced that since the backwards compatibility mode was introduced, gamers have accumulated approximately 30 million hours of gameplay.

Now keep in mind that the compatibility app is free for download. However, you will have to buy the games in order to play them. Moreover, you should also know that not all games can be played using this mode. Keep an eye out for the compatibility sign. You’ll usually find it in the upper-right corner of the store after you’ve taped on a game’s icon.

But Xbox One has more than one feature. According to Microsoft, November’s software update now lets users stream Windows 10, Game DVR, allows a multiplayer mode and even screenshots.

So, without further ado, head on over to the gaming library, take your pick and kick some cans.

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