Microsoft Acquired AI Startup Could Help You Take Your Life Back

Microsoft Acquired AI Startup Could Help You Take Your Life Back

This week, Microsoft announced that it has bought an AI startup dubbed Genee, but declined to link any numbers to the sum. Genee is of particular interest to Microsoft due to its AI-based office platform that enables corporate workers manage their busy schedules.

Genee’s AI_based app acts just like a virtual assistant that reminds you of meetings, appointments, anniversaries, and even can e-mail clients back. According to Microsoft, the app’s strongest feature is group organization.

In other words, it can automatically find a workaround solution that works for virtually anyone when arranging a meeting.

Genee’s founders Charles Lee and Ben Ching will be reportedly joining Microsoft. The two developers designed a program that uses decision-making algorithms and natural language optimization to be as similar to a human assistant as it can be.

For start, Microsoft plans to embed the new technology in Microsoft Office 365. According to a recent blog post from the Office 365 team, the company hopes that Genee will help it materialize its ambitions of inserting AI into nearly every digital experience.

How Genee Works

Microsoft’s Rajesh Jha explained how the virtual assistant works. For instance, let’s say that you’d want to meet a potential client for coffee next week.  For that you’ll have to e-mail your plan to your client and put Genee in the CC.

The computer algorithm will understand from the e-mail that you want to meet with that client for coffee. So, it will sift through your busy schedule and find a date and a location that works best for you.

Next, Genee will e-mail your client back on your behalf with the resulting options. You won’t have to worry about trivial things such as arranging meetings, so you can focus on your business and family life.

It is unclear yet whether the new tech will be added to Microsoft’s in-house virtual assistant Cortana. The tech giant’s personal assistant is also a technology that heavily relies on AI power.

Other tech companies are working or have already developed their own assistants. For instance, Apple has Siri, while Amazon has Alexa. Both techs are now being constantly updated so they can handle an increasing number of tasks for their human users.

Image Source: Flickr