Melania Trump Rejects Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior by Her Husband

Melania Trump Rejects Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior by Her Husband

Melania Trump has stepped out of the shadow this Monday to defend her husband Donald Trump. The wife of the Republican candidate has not been a strong presence during the presidential campaign. It’s the daughter of the Republican nominee, Ivanka Trump, who usually carries the campaign’s message to women. Melania Trump has had an uneasy relationship with the media. The last time she was in the news, the media was airing back to back clips of her speech and Michelle Obama’s speech. Since that RNC convention, where it appeared that Melania Trump’s speech lifted many phrases from a speech by Michelle Obama, the candidate’s wife has been largely absent from the campaign trail or the media.

Donald Trump is in Trouble with Women Voters

Donald J. Trump was having difficulty getting the support of women, especially suburban women, anyway. Now, the Republican candidate is in the middle of a scandal. He is  losing support with the female part of the electorate even in his Republican base.

Trump was never a champion of women. The comments that he made and the words that he used to describe women often landed him in hot water. During this presidential campaign he has had to defend his language and his attitude towards women. The Republican establishment uncomfortably looked away as a comment that Hillary Clinton brought up during the first presidential debate turned into a war of words that lasted for days between their Republican candidate and a former beauty queen.

But the game changed when the media got a hold of a tape where Donald Trump can be heard making lewd comments about women. The language that the Republican candidate uses is in and of itself an issue. But a bigger problem is that he appears to brag about being sexually aggressive towards women. The conversation during which Donald Trump makes these comments was captured by a hot mic that Trump didn’t know was on. The Republican candidate said that the comments were nothing more than “locker room banter”. He went as far as to unequivocally state during the second presidential debate that he does not and has not ever engaged in such behavior.

Everything came tumbling down when, after the debate, women started coming forward with stories about Donald Trump behaving exactly the way he describes on tape. Since then, the Trump campaign has been stuck denying allegations of their candidate grabbing and kissing and touching women without their consent.

Melania Trump Stands by Her Husband

The Trump campaign is in crisis mode. They are reaching out to the candidate’s wife to voice support for her husband. When the tape became public, Melania Trump wrote a statement of support that the Trump team later put out. But she was still absent from the campaign trail and not giving any interviews. A statement from the Trump campaign said the prospective First Lady was spending time at home, taking care of the couple’s son, Barron.

Republican advisers were hoping for an interview with Donald Trump and Melania Trump, standing together in the face of these allegations. Instead, Melania opted for a one-on-one interview where she carefully answered questions. She dimissed the allegations as lies. The candidate’s wife stayed on message and said that the facts in those women’s stories simply don’t check out.

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