Melania Trump Appears on the Campaign Trail

Melania Trump Appears on the Campaign Trail

Donald J. Trump’s campaign for the presidency did not have an easy time courting the female vote. Since the beginning of the presidential campaign, the Republican candidate has had a difficult time getting the support of women, especially suburban, educated women. Also, he was recently involved in a scandal that saw him face allegations of inappropriate behavior towards women. These allegations were difficult for him to deny since an audio recording had come out where he bragged about specifically this kind of behavior. The Republican candidate’s wife had been a discrete figure throughout the campaign. But Melania Trump has recently made more appearances, trying to improve Donald J. Trump’s standing with women.

Melania Trump’s Role in Her Husband’s Presidential Campaign

The former Slovenian model did not have much visibility during the campaign. Donald J. Trump chose to attend campaign events usually on his own. The candidate’s wife was very supportive, but didn’t have the charisma and the experience with the media to carry political messages. Melania Trump tried to take the center stage during the Republican National Convention. She gave a brilliant speech about her husband, Donald J. Trump. The only problem was that parts of the speech were lifted from a speech by Michelle Obama. After the uncanny similarities between the two speeches made headlines, Melania Trump took a step back from the campaign. The Trump camp said that the prospective First Lady was at home, spending her time taking care of the couple’s son, Barron.

Melania Trump came out in public again after the audio tape where Donald J. Trump makes lewd comments about women became public. She sat down for a lengthy interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper where she largely stood by her husband. During the interview, she called the comments made by Donald J. Trump “boy talk” and insisted that her husband was a gentleman. Also, she added that she believes Access Hollywood host Billy Bush was egging on her husband.

When several women came forward and accused Donald J. Trump of grabbing them and touching them without their consent, Melania Trump stayed on message. She played it close to the Trump’s campaign message that the stories were fabricated. Also, she made innuendoes towards a left-wing media conspiracy against her husband.

Melania Trump Tries to Help Turn Pennsylvania

Now, Melania Trump is attending campaign events and talking about what her priorities would be as First Lady. She recently gave a speech in Pennsylvania, outlining a few ideas regarding the issues that she would dedicate her time to at the White House. Also, the Republican candidate’s wife was trying to present a softer image of Donald J. Trump. She said that the values that her husband believes in and tat he would promote as president are charity and compassion.

Pennsylvania is a battleground state that could vote either way in this election. Voters in the counties around Philadelphia are usually well-off and educated. Donald J. Trump needs those votes, if he wants Pennsylvania to vote red. But Republican voters had been previously disappointed by his comments about women as well as immigrants.

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