Meet Surprising Cozmo Robot

interacting robot

Cozmo is designed by Pixar staff.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – This little robot looks sleek, is more intelligent than its’ counterparts, and it has a taste for playing with cubes. Cozmo Robot is a combination of robotic movement designed by Pixar staff, surprisingly high artificial intelligence and computer vision. 

The toy robot can interact with the world around it. It remembers you over time and recognizes your face. It can also explore the surroundings and play with smart cube accessories.

The interesting part about Cozmo is that it isn’t perfect. Sometimes it fails at doing things, but that’s okay too because it generates human-like emotions, such as anger.

The spokesperson from Anki, the makers of the robot, says the engineers were inspired to create the little gem from how toddlers and pets interact. Even though they can’t speak, the robots interact with you. They slowly learn to recognize you and explore the world, and in time they play games.

Similar to a child, Cozmo gets frustrated when things don’t work out or looks satisfied if it wins a game. Without making it annoying, these traits humanize it and make it more fun.

Cozmo is tiny, measuring only 2.5 inches. It’s light, has two adorable eyes on display, a small articulating arm to pick up objects, and two little treads to help it move around.

It uses a combination of Star-Wars-like sounds to communicate, and it has expressive eye movements. Among others of its’ kind, Cozmo feels unique. With it’s likable snoring and orientation capabilities, Cozmo also comes with an app that allows it to recognize you.

The producing company claims that other, similar robots are worth thousands of dollars and still can’t do what Cozmo can, for only 180 dollars.

Anki, the company that makes Cozmo, has raised 182.5 million dollars to make this Pixar dream come true. It’s makers want to further develop Cozmo’s personality, with new add-ons and more movements, games, and expressions.

Engineering Cozmo to fit in your hand was tricky business. The key was adding a smartphone app that serves as the mechanical brain. In total, Cozmo has over 300 small parts that make it adorable and unique.

The toy Cozmo robot has been developed by a team of Robotics enthusiasts and is just one of the many new interactive toys to follow.

Image Source – Pixabay