Med Students May Have a Drinking Problem

"Med Student May Have a Drinking Problem "

A new study shows that one-third of medical students have a drinking problem.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A couple of weeks ago, one study suggested that lawyers, especially those unmarried and interns, are more liable to develop a drinking problem. Recently, a new study emerged which declares that medical students are more at risk of getting married to the bottle of Jack than the rest of the population.

On the subject of drinking addiction, a new study performed at the Mayo Clinic points out that medical students are 50 percent more likely to develop a drinking problem than the rest of the population.

Researchers declared that the main stressors that push med school student towards taking up the bottle were emotional stress, physical and psychical exhaustion and high student loans.

Liselotte Dyrbye, the lead researcher of the study who is also an intern at the Mayo Clinic, said that the survey will help institutions take the best decisions when it comes to offering counsel to those who think they may have a drinking problem.

According to the numbers, it would seem that approximately one-third of the med school student had or have a drinking problem. As always the causes of this kind of behavior stems from high student loans or rather the stress associated with the thought of having to work for a long time in order to pay the said loan, emotional stress and burnout.

Furthermore, on a national scale, it seems that the rate of alcoholism is 16 percent higher in med students than in the rest of the population. The study also pointed out that there are instances when the number of students struggling with alcoholism is higher than that of physician and surgeons.

Dyrbye also noted that the additional factors which contribute to the alcohol issues are age, marital status and, again the weight of the student debt.

With this occasion, the lead scientists stressed out that medical institutions, especially med schools must come up with new means to see what’s stressing out their student and to find a way to help them deal with this issue.

The study was written using the data from med school survey. In this investigation, approximately 12.500 medical students were asked to fill in a questionnaire, but only one-third of them responded.

In conclusion, based on the sampling rate, the lead scientist theorized that approximately one-third of med students are at the point of developing an alcohol addiction. What is even worse it that, according to the numbers, med student are even more in danger of marrying with the bottle than surgeons or physicians.

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