McDonald’s and Pokémon Go Creators Have a Secret Partnership

McDonald's and Pokémon Go logos

Allegedly, McDonald’s and Pokémon Go worked together ever since the code of the game was written.

It seems that McDonald’s and Pokémon Go creators have a secret partnership that was negotiated long before the game was released. The news started to unravel after a few Reddit users broke down the code of the app, discovering the sponsorship deal between the burger chain and Niantic.

According to Gizmodo, a source from inside one of the companies confirmed that McDonald’s agreed to sponsor the Pokémon Go craze before it became a thing. The deal is starting to materialize in the form of a small sponsorship deal in one Asian country.

From what the previously cited magazine discovered, the popular burger and fast-food chain agreed to sponsor the augmented reality app as long as every McDonald’s location within the Asian country in question will be marked as either a gym or a PokéStop.

For the moment there is no official confirmation of the country where this will take place, but several people involved are pointing towards Japan.

It would make sense that Japan would be in the center of the events seeing as the country is the birthplace of the franchise. One more compelling piece of evidence is the fact that the launch of the Pokémon Go app has been delayed in the country, angering the fans who received no explanation for the decision.

This is not the first time McDonald’s partners up with The Pokémon Company or Nintendo. Most Reddit users declared that the choice is somewhat natural seeing as the fast-food chain has locations in convenient areas, they are easily reachable, and they provide free Wi-Fi, which is always a plus when your data plan is not that strong.

Many conspiracy theories are surrounding the mobile app. Other Reddit users brought compelling arguments to the newest one that states that Pokémon Go was created to weed out the population. They use the example of the girl who walked in front of a car while trying to catch a pocket monster or the two teens who walked off a cliff while keeping their eyes glued to their mobile devices.

Pokémon Go conspiracy theories are popping out every day. The phenomenon is normal seeing as the app grew in popularity almost overnight.

What is your opinion on the fact that McDonald’s and Pokémon Go creators have a secret partnership? What about the conspiracy theories that are invading Reddit and other similar social media websites?