A Look At Three Generations

A Look At Three Generations

Never have generations been as different from one another as they are today. If we take a look at the three generations dominant at this moment in time, we see resilience, mobility, and ambition.

Baby Boomers,the generation born right after the second World War until 1964. They have dominated the political, entertainment and social scene over the last decades. They still have something to say in the world. As a group, they started out by challenging social norms, fighting for human rights and debating political issues. Over time baby boomers made peace with themselves. Now, they became a wealthy, physically fit, resilient and progress-minded generation.

New Generations Taking The Stage

Now that the baby boom generation eyes retirement, leaves the limelight to make room for the millennials. So far, millennials haven’t risen to their parents’ standards. But this generation is one that questions standards and mainstream culture like never before. In some ways millennials are waging a struggle which could look similar to the turbulent sixties,. But mobility is what defines these young Americans.

Generation Y – another name for Millennials, have inherited a divided society, on almost every issue in public debate. Their generation is largely still living with their parents. They get married at higher ages.

Gen Y is generally highly educated and adapts to the rapid pace of today. Gen Y does that by changing jobs often and traveling more than before. This generation is taking the stage and has seen its share of economic hardship. Millennials have a reputation for having a bizarre preoccupation with themselves. Their access to technology shapes their view, while their passion for gadgets and their self-absorbed lifestyles make them unique.

Gen. Z is Catching Up

However, there is a new generation, now in school, which will one day take the lead. They are Generation Z. Unlike their Gen Y counterparts, they seem to be more money driven. Also, they are more interested in debates and social activism than the previous generation. Generation Z will probably work more and earn more than Gen Y. This will take their ambitious nature to a new level.

But what connects the three generations? Although they look ethnically diverse and have different priorities and backgrounds, most look towards the future with a beam of hope in their eyes. And doubt.

The many crises facing American society and the world mean that newer generations have to focus more on making it work again. Building back trust and resilience is no easy feat.

Voting Still Matters

Voting matters, and can sometimes shake up things. But for millennials, voting is not as important as it is to their parents – the baby boomers.

What is more, a 2016 survey from the Harvard University Institute of Politics revealed that 47 percent of millennials believe America is on the wrong track. Even more of them think that politicians today can no longer cope with the challenges our country has to face.

All in all, baby boomers will heavily influence the presidential race. Newer generations are disappointed with politics and not as interested. Despite both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump making efforts to engage millennials, Gen Y doesn’t seem to care about the result of the vote. Not as much as their parents, anyway.

Image Source –Wikipedia