Let’s Instagram Your Business

"Let’s Instagram Your Business"

Social media is great when it comes to promoting your products and services.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTFacebook might soon become old news. A new player is in town. Let’s Instagram your business, shall we? If you’re the big boss of a company, you surely have a business Facebook account. Social media is great when it comes to promoting your products and services. Instagram intends to catch up on that trend.

Instagram accounts are not currently business-friendly, but this will soon change. The photo-sharing company wants to widen its horizons by addressing to a larger audience. Its main goal is to make business profiles more Facebook-looking.

Three features have been developed, and they are of great importance to any of you business owners. Customers will be able to find information like email address and location easily. An added “Contact” button does the trick, situated next to the “Follow” button on the upper part.

The “Contact” button opens up two options. First, we have the email address access button. This keeps your email address private from spammers while providing the necessary info to your customers. Facebook does have a plus on this one, as potential clients can message the page owners directly. It is not known if Instagram will ever set up this feature.

Secondly, when people click the ”Location” button, a map of your place of business will appear, which makes it easier for clients to get ahold of you. Some users do write their location in the bio section of Instagram, but we can all agree that a map is more useful.

And thirdly, you can even categorize your business profile. This is the way in which you will be set apart from the regular people profiles. This makes it easier for potential clients to find out a little about your services before engaging in a conversation.

These three features come as a way of freeing the space in your bio section. You will now have extra space to provide other useful information to customers. The profile description cannot hold more than 150 characters.

Of course, these new features are in the testing yet and are not available to everyone. It is not even known if the company will choose to stick with them. But Instagram is set on improving itself, like providing better analytics for posts and ways to purchase ads. We hope it does and will continue to develop more ways through which marketers can promote businesses. So let’s Instagram your business.