LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton

LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton

The presidential election is getting closer and the two rival campaigns are pulling out all the stops to get voter support. The candidates are on the campaign trail, attending campaign rallies and trying to shore up voter support.

But the candidates are also counting on others to give their message a voice and reach out to voters. The Clinton side has the President, Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama speaking on the behalf of the campaign. Vice president Joe Biden has also campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

LeBron James Endorses the Democratic Candidate in an Essay

It’s not just political endorsements that can give a political campaign a boost. An election campaign can greatly benefit from an infusion of star power from celebrities. Whether it’s Hollywood celebrities, popular comedians or famous athletes, an endorsement from a public figure with notoriety serves to raise the profile of a candidate and get more supporters.

As usual, the Democrats seem to be doing better that the Republicans at getting star support. The latest celebrity to join the roster of stars supporting Hillary Clinton is LeBron James. He officially announced this Sunday that he supports Hillary Clinton for president.

The Cavaliers forward is one of the biggest sports stars in the world. He decided to make it official that he was going to vote for Hillary Clinton. So the sports star wrote an essay that he later made public. Business Insider published it online. It is also going to run in printed editions of the Akron Beacon Journal in the state of Ohio.

James wrote that he supports Hillary Clinton because he believes she will continue the legacy of President Barack Obama. He said that he believed in what President Obama had done for the country and that he supports Hillary Clinton’s commitment towards continuing that legacy.

LeBron James Supports Clinton’s Values

LeBron James is a native of Akron, Ohio. He is also an icon in Cleveland, where he is very popular for the Cavaliers NBA win in June. As such, James’ endorsement carries a lot of weight. It could affect the presidential race in the state of Cleveland and might also impact support for the candidates on a national level. Ohio is one of the swing states that are still being disputed between the two candidates. One interesting feature of the state of Ohio and how it votes is that Ohio votes for the winner. It has done so in every election since 1960. With the state still up for grabs, both candidates want to win there.

In his essay, James continued to articulate why he supports Hillary Clinton. He called her “a champion for children and their futures”. This seems to be particularly important for LeBron James. He grew up in difficult circumstances himself and now works to improve the lives and the future of young people. He invests his time and money in providing better opportunities for kids in his home town of Akron, Ohio. The LeBron James Family Foundation helps children reach their academic goals, offering scholarships to the University of Akron.


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