Lava From Kilauea Volcano Spills Into The Ocean

kilauea eruption

Now, lava from Kilauea volcano spills into the ocean, creating a fabulous display for tourists and locals alike.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – It’s been a while since Kilauea has erupted. More like three years. Now, lava from Kilauea volcano spills into the ocean, creating a fabulous display for tourists and locals alike.

The Hawaii Volcano , called Kilauea has erupted and sent the hot lava spilling into the Pacific. It’s the first time lava has gotten into the ocean, in approximately three years.

The lava has captured the attention and imagination of people who are looking at it, and it turned into a good opportunity to take some intriguing photos and videos.

This is the most restless volcano in Hawaii, and it has been erupting on and off for the past thirty years. The molten material gushed out three months back, but now, the stream creates spectacular sights as it flows towards the ocean.

The lava is not a threat to communities in the area, but people have been warned by the United States Geological Survey not to get close to the sight and take caution when taping the natural process of the lava flow.

Other important hazards for those nearby include slippery, steep sea cliffs which should not be walked on, as they are even unstable at times. Coming too close to the ocean could expose you to the chemical reaction between the lava and water and is therefore not recommended.

Also, the new stretches of land which take form out of the interaction between lava and water can be easily eroded, causing the land to slip into the sea. The chemical reaction between the lava and the ocean lets out fine particles that can lead to skin, lungs and eye irritations.

During the 1993 eruption, a portion of the new delta collapsed into the sea and took the life of a photographer. Other people around were hurt when they ran away fro the hot rocks and lava drops brought by the waves.

Sometimes people get burns all over their body from these newly formed lava deltas. In 2000, two people died because of severe lung burns from lava steam.

Nobody can predict when a Delta will collapse, so it’s best to keep away from the scene.

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Image Source – Wikipedia