John McCain Won’t Vote for Donald Trump

John McCain Won’t Vote for Donald Trump

Senator John McCain isn’t going to vote for Donald Trump or for Hillary Clinton on November 8.  The Republican senator publicly withdrew support for the presidential candidate of his party.

Election Day is getting closer and prominent politicians receive questions about their party’s candidate and who they support in the race for the White House. Usually, politicians tow the party line and support their party’s nominee. But John McCain said that he is not going to vote for Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump Doesn’t Have the Full Support of the Republican Party

Political endorsements are something that all presidential candidates need and actively look for. It is immensely helpful to have strong support from your political party during a presidential campaign. Also, politicians can act as surrogates, helping to spread your message and enlarge your electoral base. So a presidential candidate naturally relies on politicians from his own side of the political aisle for support.

But Donald J. Trump has had a difficult ongoing relationship with the GOP. His temperament and the many comments that he has made, especially during the primaries, drove a wedge between him and the Republican party. An unlikely winner of the primary election, a challenger of the status quo, Donald Trump was not immediately embraced by the GOP. It took some effort for the party to unite behind their candidate.

Many prominent members of the Republican party offered only some support to Donald Trump and his political campaign. They publicly supported the Republican nominee. But they took care to put some distance between themselves and Trump’s political stances on some of the issues.

Donald Trump didn’t exactly help his situation with Republican career politicians with the comments that he made. He probably lost any chance of getting John McCain’s support when he attacked the senator’s military record. Trump said that John McCain was not a war hero because he got captured. The senator spent five years in a POW camp and many regard him as a war hero for that. Donald Trump disagreed with such a view. In his opinion, McCain simply got caught.

Republican Senator John McCain Won’t Give Donald Trump His Vote

Donald Trump’s comment about the senator was undeniably a put down. So, when asked about where he stands this election, John McCain did not lend Trump his support.

On Monday night, John McCain was debating his Democratic challenger to the Arizona seat in the US Senate. The senator, a former presidential candidate himself, said that he cannot vote for either Donald J. Trump or for Hillary Clinton. He said that he might write in the name of his “old, good friend”, Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham also ran in the primary race, but dropped out as Donald Trump was gaining momentum.

John McCain said that it wasn’t easy for him to go against what the Republican party had decided regarding the nomination for the presidential election.

“It’s not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. He won the nomination fair and square.”

Senator John McCain said.

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