Jessica Cain Mystery might have been solved

"Jessica Cain Mystery might have been solved"

Houston authorities are on step closer to solving the case of Jessica Cain, a teen who went missing in 1997.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Officials from Houston might finally tell what befell to Jessica Cain, a 17-year-old from Houston, who went missing in 1997. Tipped off by a backhoe operator, the authorities have dug up of what seem to be human bones from a field outside Houston.

According to the authorities, Jessica Cain, a teen from Houston, vanished without a trail, somewhere outside Houston. At that time, the police acting on a tip received from William Reece, a convicted felon, conducted an extensive search of the same field. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any trace of the missing teen.

After 20 years, it would seem that the Houston Police Department is one step closer to solving this haunting mystery. Richard Martinez, a detective from Houston’s Homicide department, declared in a live interview that on Friday, the local police department received a call from a backhoe operator saying that several skeletal remains were found in a field.

At approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, the Martinez, aided by the local police began investigating the operator’s claims. After several hours of digging, the investigators managed to unearth several skeletal remains.

An anthropologist was called upon in order to see if the bones dug up from the field were human or not. After quickly assessing the bones’ morphology, the anthropologist declared that the remains discovered in the field were indeed human.

Martinez, a veteran police officer, recalled that this was the same area in which Reese stated that the teen went missing. Presently, the Houston police department is unsure whether the bones belong to the missing team or not, but they don’t want to overlook anything.

The Homicide detective also declared that the presence of the human remains in the same field where the teen went missing back in the ‘90s is hardly a coincidence.

After Jessica went missing in 1997, Houston Police Department received a tip from William Reece, a felon convicted on several counts of kidnapping. Moreover, at that time, the police suspected Reece of being involved in 5 separate cases of murder.

Back in the ‘90s, Reece tipped off the police that Jessica’s assailant might have killed her and buried her body in the field just outside Houston. The police combed the area for several months but returned empty-handed each time.

In light of the recent discovery, both Martinez and the local police department believe that they are one step closer to solving this 20-year-old riddle. According to their affidavits, the skeletal remains were buried 4 feet beneath the ground.

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