Italian Research Says: Pasta Isn’t Fattening

pasta primavera

Recent Italian research says: Pasta isn’t fattening.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Recent Italian research says: Pasta isn’t fattening. The food is an important source of carbohydrates in Italian cuisine, but the delicious pasta gained a bad rep over time. For those trying to lose weight, it is often on the list of banned foods.

A new study has shown that this diet rule may be outdated. A team of Italian researchers discovered that pasta isn’t that bad after all. In the past, experts have defended the role of pasta for the Italian diet, pointing out that it prevents two modern problems: diabetes and the obesity epidemic.

Secondly, if there seems to be a problem with pasta, nutritionists believe it is the often sugary, salty and fatty sauces that it comes with. Many people now think that eating pasta is not helpful in losing weight, say study author Licia Iacoviello. She also noticed that some people completely take the pasta out of their meals.

However, the study by Neuromed Institute in the city of Sora found that eating pasta was linked to a lower body mass index. Contrary to what most people now believe, pasta consumption isn’t fattening, if done properly. Instead, eating healthy, whole cereal pasta, with no sauces, can actually help you lose weight. Pasta can be part of a healthy diet, in moderate quantities.

Many studies now indicate that a Mediterranean diet is a healthy nutritional option, from many points of view, from prolonged life expectancy to reduced body weight. Very little was known about the role of a basic component: pasta.

The recent study concluded that pasta could be eaten as part of a healthy lifestyle, being an important food in Mediterranean diet. So, if you eat it with moderation , it could be good for your health because the body needs quality carbohydrates too.

Earlier studies which showed the negative role of pasta in losing weight were based on unrealistic portions (86 grams was considered a large portion for Italians) and plenty of sauces.

Another argument for pasta is that it pre-dates the modern obesity and diabetes epidemic.  Pasta remains one of the trademark symbols of Italy, other famous foods including pizza or Italian wine.

All in all, Italian researchers say: pasta does not lead to obesity if you eat it like an Italian.

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