Inspirational Texts from Shine

Inspirational wink in pink

Shine sends inspirational texts over Facebook and SMS to brighten your day.

Shine entered the feel-good and inspirational domain and brought forward two bots, one for Facebook and another one for its SMS service, designed to make millennials shift their moods and minds towards a more optimistic and positive attitude.

The messages, either incorporated in Facebook messenger or an SMS, are intended to bring mindfulness and to empower teenagers in their daily challenges.

Shine uses messages to send reminders that would allow teenagers them to gain perspective on life’s events. They represent a break from the routine and an invitation to center on self.

The SMS service from Shine was launched in October. Since then, it exchanged more than 2.8 million messages with its users.

Most of the people benefiting from the service are under 35 years old.

Shine reports that 75% of the millennials feel that work is one is one their major stressors in life. Thus, the company has tried to focus more on this aspect of existence, just to make the users’ day a bit more pleasant.

Shine is a company founded by Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi, two New York millennials passionate about technology.

„Every day we get new testimonials from users telling us that they don’t know what they would do without their daily Shine text and that it often feels like we’re ‘in their heads. It’s helping our users stand taller and ask for what they want at work, navigate tough moments in their personal lives — and most importantly to know they’re not alone,” said the two co-founders in a blog post.

In order to receive the Shine daily motivation messages, a person should just simply go to their website and fill a form with their first name, phone number and email address.

After registration, Shine will send inspirational messages every morning at 8.30 AM.

Texts come in the form of inspiring thoughts or calls for actions. For example, one message talks about the power of memories and advises users to capture more unfiltered pictures and to document the very moment when they are reading the message because mundane moments can also bring true joy.

Users can interact with the bot, asking for more tips or saving the text as a reminder for later in the day.

The two founders point out that the SMS service was designed to provide support on a regular basis, for average days and situations. For moments of crisis, users are encouraged to use the Crisis Text Line and other similar services, which can deal better with real life and very specific situations.

Image Source: Pixabay