Important Reminders for Mental Illness Sufferers

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Dealing with a mental illness is not easy.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Dealing with a mental illness is not easy. Besides managing the condition, there are also other influencing factors, like social prejudice, worrying families or your own concern.

 If you’re feeling scared, uninformed about your situation or feel social pressure, you may want to read this fascinating itinerary in the world of mental conditions.

A little humor goes a long way when it comes to this particular situation. If you shift focus from what’s wrong with you to what can be done to make things better, using comedy and humor, you might find yourself feeling better after all.

Here is a list of five important reminders for the mentally ill. It comprises historical contexts, mental health experience, and the mental illness community worldwide, to help you cope with the situation:

Not all people who suffer from mental illness have access to relevant statistics or support group. This can make them feel guilty, ashamed, or weird, thinking of their own situation. However, most data available on mental illness points to the fact that even for the general population, mental illness is more common than you think.

That’s why you aren’t a unique case, even though sometimes it feels like that. There are other people in your situation; only they may not always be in your circle of friends.

The most widely known mental condition in the UK is anxious depression. This affects 4% of the population at any given time, and a whopping 10% of people become depressed at some point in their lives.

Currently, 615 million people in the world have a mental condition, according to the Counseling Directory. What is more, a quarter of the world’s population will experience mental issues at some point in their lives.

In the US alone, nearly 20% of inhabitants suffered from mental conditions. That’s some 43.6 million people. And the statistics did not include people sectioned in mental hospitals, the homeless or the military.

This means you are part of a greater community, which should feel less silenced by prejudice and shame.

Although contemporary conditions play a role in aggravating or getting mental illnesses, it has been part of the human history for as long as humans were around. Today, sleep deprivation, social isolation or sunlight deficiency have begun to play a role in mental illness. But overall, mental illness isn’t new, just the factors that trigger it may be different.

Image Source – Wikipedia