Hyenas and Wolves saw to form an Unlikely Alliance

"Hyenas and Wolves saw to form an Unlikely Alliance "

A new animal behavior study points out that the hyenas and the wolves from the Negev Desert stick together in order to hunt game.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – According to a recent animal psychology study carried out by the University of Tennessee, it would seem that not old humans form alliances in time of need. The study pointed out that hyenas and wolves from Negev Desert tend to stick together in order to overcome all possible obstacles.

Rivalries among the animal kingdom are not something uncommon, but alliances are something very rare and baffling. A recent study which was carried out by a US team of scientists from the University of Tennessee revealed that adversarial species like hyenas and wolves can sometimes set aside their difference in order to work together.

As unlikely as this scenario may seem, the team managed to prove that this alliance is possible. Vladimir Dinets, the lead author of this new study, declared in a press interview that we should not look at animal behavior as something immovable.

Pleading his case, the scientist argued that animal behavior, especially when it comes to securing sources of food, can be very flexible. It is their capacity to adapt and to develop new tactics that ensure their survival.

After a 4-year journey that took them to the Negev Desert in Israel, dubbed one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, the scientists caught sight of a hyena, casually dashing to and fro amid a pack of fierce-looking wolves.

At first, the scientist thought that the wolves were toying with their prey before eating it, but it has hardly the case. Before actually seeing the hyena hunting alongside the wolf pack, the scientists discovered in the first two years of their study, hyena footprints imprinted over wolf footprints.

Dinets said that these marks were often in the desert and until the very first contact, no one knew what to make of them. But the recent discovery has proven that even animals can set aside their difference to work together in order to achieve a common goal.

The scientist also declared that this unlikely alliance can ensure that both species survive out there in the Negev Desert. When working as a team, wolves and hyenas can take advantage of each species capabilities.

For instance, hyenas can smell rotten flesh and garbage from miles away thanks to their highly sensitive nose. On the other hand, wolves are known to be a skillful hunter, being able to bring down large game.

Being one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, the Negev desert is considered to be a good place to form an alliance and even bonds of friendship.

Photo credits:wikipedia