How a Probiotic Pill Can rid you of Cavities

"Probiotic Pill will Help us Agains Cavities"

Probiotic pills will help us to keep down the PH levels in our mouth.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Everyone knows that teeth and cavities don’t go well together. That’s why it’s pretty important to visit a dentist once in a while. Frequent brushing and flossing are good ways to maintain dental health, but there are other ways to make sure that you won’t suffer from cavities. This is the story of how a probiotic pill can rid you of cavities and save you the trouble of bothering your dentist.

Perhaps it’s an understatement saying that there are a lot of people out there who are afraid of going to the dentist’s office. Whether or not their fears are justified depend solely on the dentist and on the quality of his work.

Now, every time you visit your dentists for a routine check-up and oil change, he will ask you apparently irrelevant questions like how frequent you floss or brush your teeth or if you use other oral hygiene solutions like mouthwash.

The answer is pretty easy: it’s all about your mouth’s acidity level of PH level. If your mouth’s PH is too high, or very acidic, this means that you’ve just invited a whole lot of dangerous germs to take shelter in your mouth.

A high PH level, or a very acidic environment, determines the bacteria found on your teeth to clump together, forming something called dental plaques. These formations can lead up to cavities or other severe dental issue like paradentosis.

But, have no fear, because there are several treatments you can try to get rid of all those germs. Recently, a team of scientists from the University of California has publically announced the discovery of a probiotic pill that could put an end to the cavity menace.

Like probiotics used to treat the gut flora, dental probiotics can be used to stimulate the bacteria which keep down the PH levels.

Doctor Marcelle Nascimento, an associated professor at the University of California, said that there are people out there who have it in their nature to keep bad oral germs at bay. The researchers went on to say that the PH levels in our mouth must be neutral to prevent tooth decay or cavities.

The probiotic pill can do just that, according to the team’s statement.

How was the probiotic pill created?

According to Doctor Nascimento, the team used oral swabs from a dozen of patients to identify all the bacteria found inside out mouths. Now, from previous research, we knew that ammonia, formed from arginine and urea, has the capacity of neutralizing acids.

Using this assumption, the scientists identified no less than 2000 bacteria found inside the bacterial plaques. Ruling them out one by one, the researchers discovered a bacteria that can metabolize arginine. This new bacteria was called A12.

The doctor and his team said that future probiotic pill will be able to help those patients who are predisposed towards developing cavities and other teeth affection due a high PH level.

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