Hillary Clinton on Stage with Jennifer Lopez

Hillary Clinton on Stage with Jennifer Lopez

Election Day is just eleven days away. So, the two presidential candidates are trying their hardest to impress Florida voters. There are 29 electoral votes for the winning candidate at stake. So, Florida is an important state in the 2016 presidential election. At a recent rally, Donald J. Trump wanted to tell Florida that he “can’t win without you”. The Republican candidate is doing his best to win the state of Florida. But he doesn’t have the support of former Florida governor Jeb Bush. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton is also trying to appeal to Florida voters. For that she is enlisting the support of celebrity Jennifer Lopez. This Saturday night, she spoke at a Jennifer Lopez concert at Bayfront Park Amphitheater in Miami.

The Clinton Campaign Enlists the Support of Celebrities Like Jennifer Lopez

Hillary Clinton reached out to young voters one more time by making another appearance at a music concert. Recently, the Democratic candidate appeared at an Adele concert. Her opponent, Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump attacked her for taking time off from the campaign to go to a concert. But the move resonated with a young demographic that wants to see a presidential candidate that has fun. Hillary Clinton’s efforts to appear relatable and connect with millennials worked. So, the Clinton campaign is working to replicate that success, by enlisting even more star power.

Democratic candidate took to the stage with celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Both singers are popular in Florida and the Clinton campaign has relied heavily on celebrity endorsements during this presidential race. More recently, Hillary Clinton enlisted the support of Miley Cyrus at George Mason University in Virginia and Katy Perry at the University of Nevada. The two celebrities went from door to door in the dorms in support of Hillary Clinton for president. But that was an effort to get out the young vote. This time, the Clinton campaign was using star power to get out the Hispanic vote. 16 percent of the population of Florida is Hispanic.

Jennifer Lopez Endorses Hillary Clinton

At the Saturday night concert, Hillary Clinton was hoping that the Hispanic population could overcome Trump supporters. A high Democrat turnout could overshadow concentrations of Republican voters elsewhere in the state. So, the Democratic candidate went on stage and spoke for a few minutes towards the end of the Jennifer Lopez concert. She encouraged the audience to go to polling stations and vote.

“We just heard Jennifer [Lopez] perform ‘Let’s Get Loud.’ Well, I say, ‘Let’s Get Loud’ at the voting booth. You can vote early. Don’t wait another day to vote.”

Said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s message was, appropriately, about diversity and empowering women. Also, Jennifer Lopez was looking ready for politics. The star walked on stage in a red, white and blue outfit. She spoke about having Hillary Clinton present at the event. Jennifer Lopez supported Clinton’s message and endorsed the Democratic candidate.

“We are at a crossroads where we have to get it right for the future. We have the perfect person to take us there.”

Jennifer Lopez said on stage.

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