Here’s Capcom’s Way of Dealing with Rage-Quitters

"Here’s Capcom’s Way of Dealing with Rage-Quitters"

Capcom said it will start searching for rage-quitter to reset their ranks and LPs.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Last month we’ve talked about how great the new Street Fighter games is and how Capcom was thinking about introducing a new punishment system for those who have the gall to quit before the final blow. Here’s Capcom’s way of dealing with rage-quitters.

Rage-quitting, as any lack of sportsmanship, must be punished, because, guess what? Nobody like a sore loser that drops out from the server before you can land him the finishing blow.

Concerning the SF-V situation, here’s a brief reminder: after the game was launched, several players complained about rage-quitter (players who would drop out before the match was over). Well, there are ways of dealing with sore losers, especially is your vocabulary is nuanced enough.

Still, there was another reason sore losers were so hated. In the first version of Street Fighter V, someone who would disconnect from the match before it was over could have kept his ranks and League points intact.

The situation would have translated in this manner: someone who lost match after match after match would still have more League Point and a higher rank than you.

Well, after several players complained to the company, Capcom asked them to tape these performances. As you could imagine, after a short while, the evidence came pouring in. Seeing that they had no other choice, Capcom decided to do something about these players.

And, after thinking long and hard, Capcom recently announced that it had come up with a solution to punish the rage quitter.

So, recently, the Capcom team announced that all players who have a high disconnection rate (higher than 80-90 percent) will first receive a warning. If the problem persists, then Capcom will have no other choice than to reset their League Point and rank.

Moreover, the company said that it is no longer necessary for players to send them taped evidence because they’ve come up with a way to see who’s been naughty and nice. Working side-by-side with the boys who are currently administering the SF-V server, Capcom has found a way to track down the players who have a high disconnection rate.

Capcom also announced that it will continue with its cleansing action every week. Furthermore, the game developer is also thinking about instilling other types of punishments for players who were already demoted for rage-quitting.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t say much about the nature of the other types of sanctions but we can be sure that they will fit the crime. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the games latest update, which should wheel out at the end of March.

As usual, we will keep out ears open for anything new.

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