Hellblade Masters Real-Time Movement

"Hellblade Masters Real-Time Movement"

Ninja Theory declared that Hellblade takes advantage of the Unreal engine.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Ever given any thought to how your character’s skin looks throughout the game or how his or hers hairs move when brushed by the wind? Take a look at Ninja Theory’s upcoming game to see what future gaming will look like. Hellblade is real; Hellblade is life, and the characters movements are uncannily fluid.

There are some things which avid players tend to ignore when approaching a new game: the little things, like hair movement, skin tone or wind-related effects. Although these things enrich one’s gaming experience, we tend to concentrate more on the plot and gameplay rather than these aspects.

But, it would seem that the dev team from Ninja Theory have decided that it’s high time the players acknowledge the small things during their gaming experience. And so, Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice was born, a game so realistic in design that it will send shivers down your spine by just looking at how your character’s lips quiver during an intense moment.

Hellblade is haunting. Every aspect of the game determines you to pop the question: what’s real and what’s not? Now, imagine playing a game where there is no graphical difference between gameplay and in-game cinematics.

Hold that thought, toss in a couple of demonical voices that pop up from thin air, a burning tree with corpses hanging from it, the Unreal engine and you get Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice.

What’s even more mind-boggling is the game’s presentational clip, which Ninja Theory showed during the GDC 2016. Dubbed an AAA indie title, Hellblade seems to go beyond its genre. During this presentation, Temeem Antoniades, the company’s chief creative director explained why he believes Hellblade is innovative.

During the 9-minute presentation, Antoniades showed the public the process behind Hellblade’s making process. In the first sequence of the video clip, the creative direct pointed out what the Unreal engine can do regarding textures.

But the next minutes were baffling indeed. Two screens set side-by-side showed Senua’a character talking versus the actress behind Senua’s voice. Equipped with an apparatus that can turn real-life motion in-game movement, the players could see that there was no difference between Senua, the game character, and the actress impersonating Senua, regarding body movement.

According to the gaming company, Hellblade will be centered on a combat-driven plot and the first version of the game will launch for PS 4 consoles.

Unfortunately, Ninja Theory didn’t mention anything about a launch window or if the game will be available for other consoles than PS4.

All in all, the game look simply stunning, the atmosphere is creepy and sinister at the same time, and the story promises to be alluring.

Photo credits:flickr