Heavily-armed Indiana Man Heading to L.A. Gay Parade was on Probation

Gay pride lesbians holding hands

A heavily-armed suspect told the police that he was heading at a LA gay pride event when he was arrested.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTAuthorities revealed that the 20-year old man that was taken into custody after police officers found a cache of weapons and explosives in his car had been put on probation in April.

Back then, a judge had barred the man from possessing any weapons, but the police have so far failed to confirm that the man was following that order.

Law enforcement officers said that they had in plan to perform surprise checks to see whether James Wesley Howell, 20, had any weapons at his home, but because he had been deemed a low-level defender they didn’t rush into doing those checks.

Reportedly on Sunday, when he was arrested, the man was driving his car to a LA pride event. Investigators cannot tell whether he was aiming for manslaughter but a former roommate recalls that the young man, who enjoyed spending time at the shooting range, once said he wished he killed a lot of people.

His former boyfriends added that he had a lot of unsolved anger management issues.

Police said that they found explosives and three assault rifles in the man’s car when they arrested him. Under the probation requirements, he wasn’t supposed to carry any weapon for a year.

He was taken into custody early in the morning after causing commotion in a neighborhood in Santa Monica, Calif. One resident said that the man knocked at his door at 4:30 in the morning.

The FBI does not yet know whether the man planned any violence for the gay parade in L.A., but he was taken into custody just hours after a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Florida.

Reportedly, Howell received a visit from a probation officer in late May when he was deemed a low-risk offender. The officer hasn’t scheduled yet a surprise visit at the man’s home.

Nevertheless, the suspect was not allowed to leave his home state because of a misdemeanor intimidation charge. He will be now trialed as a probation violator. But the FBI plans to learn whether the man’s trip to L.A. had a more obscure purpose.

According to court documents, Howell is a gun aficionado with a volcanic temper. Last fall, he was accused of pulling a handgun and threatening a neighbor on two occasions within less than a week.

Image Source: Wikimedia